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  1. i figured it out... it was a setting called dusk dawn settings under the settings menu... just had to turn it off....
  2. I Have a Jandy Aqualink RS, the pool and spa lights turn on without any scheduled programs. This has been happening ever since the pool was built in 2005. No pool guy has been able to figure out the problem. The following actions have proven a failure: HARD REST RESET, AND CLEAR ALL PROGRAMS (THE HARD RESET IS WHEN YOU HOLD DOWN THE RESET BUTTON FOR 10 SECS AND TURN OF BREAKER WHILE STILL HOLDING BUTTON IT, THEN TURN POWER ON WHILE STILL HOLDING RESET BUTTON 10 SECS then lettting go) DISABLED THE SPA SIDE CONTROL TO RULE OUT THAT AS WELL The lights come on every night at around 9PM and off at around 11PM, i usually just turn it off by the remote. Just so you know, there are 0 programs for the pool or spa lights, they just randomly come on without any program. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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