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  1. I guess it was hard to make out in the video, but the water level in the pump skimmer is full and remains full when the pump is off. I re-primed the pump and still the same problem, however I did check my jets and water is indeed coming out just not enough to really bubble the water like it used to.

    I do believe you're right that it is the blower check valve. The blower makes a "burping" sound when the pump is running which may be the bad valve? When I re-positioned the blower top it appeared the problem was fixed.

  2. What is a fairly new pump (< 1 year old) has out of the blue stopped circulating the water unless I turn on the blower for a second to "get it going". The pump is primed and full of water. There are no air bubbles in the pump basket. Here is what happens:

    1. I turn the pump on, small bubbles come out 1 or 2 jets only.

    2. The pump continues to run, still only small bubbles from 1 or 2 jets.

    3. I turn the blower on for a half a second and then off.

    4. Now the pump is working to it's full potential circulating the water from all the jets.

    This is an inground spa. The PSI on my filter is right at where it has always been. I do not suspect an air leak from the filter or pump. What is causing this?

  3. I have three problems that all happened together concerning my spa equipment.

    1) The blower will not start. I suspect it is an electrical problem, as when I turn the switch absolutely nothing happens. I have reset the breaker in the panel board and checked the wiring inside the blower. What seemed odd is that the switch only had a red wire hooked up to it (as well as the green ground). The black was not connected to anything. See picture below. Did something happen internally?

    2) My spa pump is will not start. For the past two days, it had been working but at an extremely loud noise, which I suspected was the bearing. Just today, it fails to turn on and only makes a humming noise. After 10 seconds, the humming noise stops (no breaker was tripped). See link to video below.

    3) My heater will not turn on. Is this because the pump is not turned on, and no water is flowing through it? Or are they completely independent?

    I have ensured that power is getting to the panel board next to my equipment, as my pool light works (same panel) as well as another outlet. My equipment is 8 years old.

    Pump: 2 HP Hayward Bay North Star

    Blower: Silencer 1HP




  4. My pump allows me to set it to run from the main drain, skimmer, or both. When running from the main drain only, everything runs smooth. When I set it to either the skimmer or skimmer and main drain, the pump has problems drawing water. It will draw water from the skimmer (that is, water is being sucked out of the skimmer in the spa), however the pump does not fill all the way with the water and the spa jets only pump out water sporadically unlike continuously with the main drain only. I noticed the filter pressure drops around 10 psi (30 psi total) when running the skimmer. Any advice please?

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