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  1. Update on the mystery...I found some information on how to check the hi-limit sensor and temp sensor, so I tested each. The temp sensor seemed fine, but the hi-limit sensor was not anywhere close to the expected ohms. I replaced the hi-limit sensor and restarted the hot tub. Normal startup would display the current temp and have the heat symbol lit, but when I started it the display was blank for about 10 seconds, then it started flashing erratic numbers and letters. The circulation pump was not running which it should be the first thing started. After about 30 seconds, the number 1 pump comes on low speed for about 5 seconds, then the number 2 pump starts but then almost immediately both pumps quit and the display stays black. No breakers are tripped and no fuses are blown. My question is how do I test the other components to decide which may be bad? The circulation pump had been running before, but now doesn't seem to come on. I don't know how to tell if the pump is bad or if it's not getting the correct signal to start up due to some other bad component. The circulation pump is not the original one, but it is maybe 3 or 4 years old. The tub is 7 years old. One other strange thing is the filter has a lot of tiny black specks on it which I've never seen before. I'm wondering if that is related to the problem, like if the circulation pump had an issue and the specks were the result of some disintegrated piece of it. Any help in tracking this down would be appreciated.
  2. I own a 2003 Sweetwater Palermo spa. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed it had tripped the breaker inside the house and not the GFCI outside. I took off the control box cover and noticed that one of the wires going to the heater had fried and the terminal broke off. I bought a new circuit board and installed it. Upon powering up the tub, the display at first flashed FL1. I turned off the power and re-checked on the connections on the circuit board to make sure they were tight. When I turned the power back on, the tub started normally and I thought all was fixed. All the pumps worked and the tub heated up to the set temperature, 102. A few nights later, while using the tub, I manually turned on the low speed of pump 1. After a few minutes, I noticed the display panel flashing numbers...I think the first was like 357 and the second 888. Those are not listed anywhere in the manual, so I have no idea what they meant. I turned off the power for the night and turned it back on the next day. The temp flashed 98 and the word ICE. Eventually, it heated up and seemed to be working but after an hour or so, when I checked on it, the display was flashing weird numbers again. I turned it back off then. The next day I inspected the connections on the circuit board again. A couple going to the power supply seemed a bit loose, so I tightened them again. I powered up the tub and all seemed fine again. However, the next morning when I checked on it, the display was flashing strange numbers. I checked the wires again and replaced the connector on the end of one of the wires going to the circulation pump. Upon restarting it seems to work (temp is displayed, no flashing lights, circulation pump running). After a while, the tub heats up to 103, but the thermostat is set to 102. Then the lights start flashing again. This time I replaced the connector on the heater wire that was connected to the terminal that burned. The tub didn't have time to cool down, so when I restarted it got to 103 quickly, and then started flashing "1 0 3" but it would flash the 3 first, then the 0, then the 1 in right to left order. Is my hot tub possessed or can someone help me diagnose the cause of this mystery?