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  1. Pros and Cons of pressure vs. suction side cleaners (and robotics and in floor)

    Suction side will put all the dirt into your filter and require it to be cleaned more often. They will clog your pump basket with large debris like leaves unless you also buy a leaf trap. If you only have suction thru your skimmer port and don't have a dedecated suction line you will not have surface skimming while the cleaner is hooked up.

    They are the easiest to fit into a pool that is not fitted with a dedecated cleaner line and generally work very well. They generally cost less than pressure side cleaners.

    Pressure side cleaners require a dedecated pressure side line and a booster pump which can be difficult, but not impossible, to retrofit into an existing pool. The ones that don'e require a booster pump do take up one of the returns and can cut down on the circulation in the pool. They cost more than suction side cleaners. Most of them need yearly tune up kits which can be expensive.

    The generally do a better job than suction side cleaners and catch the debris in their own bags or chambers and do not overload your filter. They help to increase the circulation in the pool and the distribution of both heat and chemicals. They usually can handle large things like leaves and such better and it is possible to run them and sill have your skimmer fully operational.

    IMHO, the best bet is a robotic cleaner. They really do the best job of all. biggest drawback is the price which is usually about double than pressure side cleaners.

    In floor cleaning systems look good on paper and can work well if properly designed and installed for your pool but by nature they put a strain on the plumbing system of the pool with the wild and constant fluctuations in pressure as they operate. They are expensive and only available on new pool installations.

    NON of these cleaning systems eliminates the need to brush your pool regularly!

    So do you have a recommendation on which pressure side vacuum works the best for the money? I don't have a separate line that I can hook up to a booster pump so was thinking the Polaris 360. My current suction side Polaris model doesn't work well at all and gets stuck all the time. Thoughts on the 360?

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