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    http://www.poolspafo...showtopic=35441 It looks like you have another with nothing to do but SPAM 4 or 5 pages of the same doo doo- - Lots of "blue" words which I surmise will take you to some other web sites
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    My Dream Maker X500 heats the water using only the "HotStick" Here in Louisiana, night time winter temps can go down into the teens (rarely) and the tub, with the cover on, stays at the set temp by just running maybe once every 4 hours. Take the cover off, get in and turn on the jets and in 20 minutes or less it goes from 103 down to 100. Plenty of time to get in a good soak. For those who think this friction idea is a pipe dream, let me tell you about what I know about friction and about moving captive water. I am a Volunteer Fire Department Station Chief and recently we were at a small structure fire. When the blaze was out, the engine, with the pump engaged but flowing no water, engine shaft turning only at idle (600rpm) began to generate STEAM! My pump operator forgot about running the pump with no water flowing from any charged line, even at idle speed, without opening the recirculate valve. This pump is PTO shaft driven so no heat from anything except the pump wheels turning inside the housing ( that holds about 25 gallons). The pumper panel has this "recirculating " valve and if the pump is returning water to the onboard 1000 gallon tank it will generate enough heat to bring the temp of the whole tank's capacity to near 100* in two hours.