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  1. I feel your pain!!!! Our dealer sold us a pre filter that screws on the end of your garden hose. It did help quite abit. Imo We like the ph around 7.2 Something we started doing a little over a year ago is just fill the spa from our swimming pool. We use the same chemicals in both and do not cover the pool all winter. good luck steve
  2. We purchased a 06 lengends series. To date 13 jets have malfunctioned. As I write this we have 6 more to be returned. I must admit we have never had a problem returning jets, they always give us a new style and we have not had a failure yet. We noticed that we have had our problems right after a water change. I,ve heard nothing on chemicals causing this. We really have not worried to much about this, because we understand there was a problem. It would be nice if they just replaced all of the old style jets at once, but this has not been offered yet nor have we pushed the issue.
  3. We have a 450 gal spa. [ Our fresh water supply is from our pool] On fill we add three cups ultra unscented. Heat the water and then do our other adjustments. With fresh bleach in new water we add a half of cup after were all done for the day and then in the morning we do the same. As the water or bleach gets older we increase the amounts at least to 3/4 of a cup each time. Once a week we add just a touch of ph down and I like the ta to be aprox. 70-80ppm. We do have a ozonator and I believe it effects our chlor. quite a bit. We also at least once a week hose our filter out. With using bleach there is a deposit left on the filter.[ looks like spent salt???] Maybe chem geek can explain this. Hope this helps. steve
  4. One thing that might help with the chlor. smell. We use bleach only and have discovered that if we put it in right after using the tub and also again in the morning before work that there is no smell. If we wait till we get home. Then on those night there is a strong odor of chlor. [ bleach] Chem geek is right about opening the cover 5 minutes before you get in.
  5. Part of my point in starting this thread was maybe to arouse the attention of some folks on how simple your spa chemicals can be. As we read these post and can't help but think back to when we first got our spa. We struggled with the balance of the water it seemed that all we did was add more and more chemicals all the time. [ s.b. ph up/down alky up/down, metal this and that. With no real success other than spending a small fortune on unneeded chemicals. Since waterbear suggested treating our spa just like our pool.[ bleach for sanitizer] things have gotten so simple it almost scares us. We use a touch under a gal. of ultra bleach a month, a half of capfull of ph down per week and depending on jet useage a half of capfull of alky. increaser once a month and thats it. No more rashes, chemical burns, reactions and always clear water. One note we do check our water at least once aday and yes we add bleach daily. One trick we learned is to open the cover aprox. 10 minutes before we use the spa so the bleach can outgas. Now if bleach can hurt the spa or cover I would be interested in hearing about it, but it better do major league damage before were changing. thanks again waterbear. steve
  6. My mistake!!! As you know we use only bleach in our spa. After about 3 weeks the bleach looses that strong smell in the bottle and it does seem to take more of it to keep out levels right. just wanted to check and see if this was common. thanks. steve
  7. Just a quick question for all. Once open what is the shelf life of bleach?? Does it loose it's effectiveness?
  8. Hello We use to have this problem. What we did was take a empty bucket and scoop out the suds. It takes some time, but worth it if the water is fairly fresh. As for the film on the surface we used a scum ball and clarifier. Clean your filter[rinse with water] once aday till all problems are gone. good luck and I hope this helps. steve
  9. waterbear I'd like to come up with some great answer as to why we put metal remover in this time. The best answer is a brain fart! I drained the tub today , flushed all the lines, vac. as much water as possible and cleaned the tub. Refilled with pool water, checked all our parimeters. Added 1 cup bleach [ chlor.] and were off and running again. No cloud no problems. Lesson learned. If it ain't broke don't fix it. There is a positive to this. We lowered the pool water aprox. 1 1/2 ". Just 6" more to go. thank you. steve
  10. Just a question. We did a water change aprox. a week ago. [ Water used from over filled swimming pool] Just like we do everytime. I noticed when we switched from bromine to chlorine the first time. that the first couple of days as we introduced the bleach it would turn white and slightly cloud the water. After the first couple of days it stopped and work just great for us. This time the same thing happened, except the cloud is not going away and is building. Only thing we did different was on fill we put in 6oz. of spa metal remover. My question is could there be a chemical reaction between the bleach and the metal remover???? All parimeters in the water are correct. We added nothing to the pool water either. Thank you. steve
  11. Roger Were just called a country bumpkin???? That was great! I've got to find my way off the floor and back into the chair!!!!! Don't feel bad I took it the same way. Dang we like seeing the stars at night so much that I had the wife take the roooooof off the outhouse. [ Thats bathroon to you urban folks!!!!!] Just kidding folks. Thanks for the laugh.
  12. Ok We've been using bleach for almost a week now. First I am so glad we switched from bromine to chlor. It has been working really well. No itch, rash or chemical burns. [ yahoo!!!!] A couple of questions for you. It seems like we are using quite a bit of bleach on a daily bases. When we filled the tub [ pool water] it took aprox. 2 3/4 cups of ultra to get our combined chlor in line with our free chlor. No biggie. First night a lot of out gassing [ smelled really strong. I assume from the spent chlor. that was used to bring our combined chlor. in line] After the first night it appears that we are using aprox. a cup of ultra a day to keep our free chlor. between 3/5 ppm???? My thinking is that from reading other post that our ozonator is attacking the chlor. and to keep our target of between 3/6 ppm it is going to take this amount???? Waters clear, no smell and like I said feels great. I should say that we put in a 1/2 cup after we get out in the evening and then by morning we register no chlor. either combined or free. We then add the second 1/2 of bleach. Any suggestions or just give the tub what it wants. thanks. steve
  13. Hello Just a couple of questions. First it's time to dump the spa water. Were going to use our water from the pool to refill the spa.[ we use the bbb system] I went today and pickup two packages of sodium bromide to use as our bromine bank. First question:::: As stated on the back of the package. This product developes a bromine reserve in spa water. It is not a sanitizer. This product helps eliminate chlorine odor and helps prevent the formation of unwanted compounds when using bromine tablets. [ go brom/ by aqua one] In a two part bromine system I believe you add s. b. on fill and then use mps or bleach as a oxidizer and thats it??? So are they saying no matter what we need to use a floater with bromine tablets???? That the s.b. by itself will not sanitize the water through out it's life cycle???? Second question::::: If we are using bleach as a sanitizer in our pool why the heck do we need anything more [ bromine] in the spa???? Is the bleach harder to keep stable in hot water and the bromine even that it's not needed is easier to keep levels in the spa more stable. What do ya think????? steve
  14. Hello not a expert, but IMO it's soap from cloths, makeup, etc. We don't use defoamers because they usely leave a scum line on the surface of the water or what appears to be a oil slick type look. A couple of things that we have tried with great results. First we scoop as much of the foam off as we can. Clean the water line of the tub. If you have a rinsable filter we do that twice aday till tub is cleared up. Also a scum ball does work wonders after you have the problem under control. Second and again IMO if our chemicals are off ph/alky we have notice a foam on top of the water, but no scum line. FYI We used defoamers . They made the water cloudy/milky with the jets running, oil slick on the surface and IMO just cover up a problem and not fix it. You might contact waterbear he has some great advice for all. steve
  15. I called capo industries today and talked to their chemist. [ they are the makers of the artic pure products] waterbear you were spot on. Yes the peak boost does contain sodium bromide and is used as our bromine bank. steve
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