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  1. I have a 6 year old Marquis 545, and have 90 minute filtration cycles set to run once in the afternoon and once after midnight. I've recently noticed the pump is running for extended periods outside of these cycles, and when I check find the the display indicating it is heating even though the temp display shows the desired set temperature. The spa is in some direct sun and during the hot summer there's no way the spa is losing heat during the days when the heater is regularly running, and in fact the external heat often leaves the water temp higher than I have it set. I'd like to ask for any knowledgeable advice as to whether this excessive heating is likely an issue with a temperature sensor/thermostat, or the control unit? I live in a rural area and am mostly on my own for repairs. Thanks in advance.
  2. After 3 months of shopping both used and lower-end new spas, I seem to be at a final decision between a reconditioned 2005 HS Envoy (excellent condition, new circ pump and heater, decent cover with high-end cover lift, 6 mo warranty on all parts) for around $4200, or a new floor model 2011 Marquis E-series 545 with cover and steps that the dealer has priced at $5200 (haven't tried to negotaite him down yet). I've found this forum extremely helpful in my search, and I'd very much appreciate any opinions on this comparison. Thanks as always in advance.
  3. I am looking over a few 2003-2006 reconditioned spas, and with just a short warranty am wondering in what order a tech would generally rate these brands for ease of service and parts availability - Hot Springs, Sundance, D1, Caldera? Thanks very much in advance.
  4. I am a first time buyer, and after thoroughly researching and shopping the new spa market with only one possible winner in our price range (Marquis 545 floor model, $5200 with cover and set up), I am exploring the option of a used spa and would like please to hear some thoughts on the general wisdom and/or success of this approach, understanding from the start of course the get what you pay for part. As an example, I looked at a 2006 Sundance Marin with original owners. The spa has lived on a clean, open concrete patio, and the owners said they rarely used it. The shell and cabinet appeared in very good condition, and all devices - pumps, blower, heater, diverter, control pads - functioned properly. I only wet tested by arm, and all of jets were functioning. The only red flag was that it was clear the owner had not kept up with the cleaning and water maintenance, as there was a slight odor and visible mildew around the top of the spa where the cover rested. I am considering an offer around $2000. I guess my first question is if a history of poor water maintenance is a detriment to the spa internally and a reason to discount this one, or is this something that can be readily decontaminated and dismissed? Secondly, my line of thought is that this is a substantially higher quality spa than the lower-end new ones, and I could afford to take a few lumps on repair/replace and still come out ahead. Musings, facts and expert opinions would all be helpful.
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