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  1. We have the 94 Soverign. Recently fixed light lens leak and installed new components with Balboa new guts. It works fine but has developed a leak, not sure where. It is not in light lens. It is dry under front where components are located. It does not leak when pump is not on. Looking for suggestions where this year spa might be leaking and how I can troubleshoot to find it. It is a good spa and new parts are great so what to try and keep if I can fix leak? Looking for suggestions. Thanks as always for any help.
  2. The spa is older but the main issue is the control box. The spa runs fine for about 10 minutes then pops the GFI. I think what is happening is that when heating the spa, the heater is working and then the pump comes on and for some reason, 10 minutes or so the GFI pops. This is a 110v system, it appears that it cannot run with both pump and heater on but does for a limited time. My question: 1. Should the replays shut off the heater when pump is on and vice versa? If that is the case then could I just get the spa hot then turn on the pump and never try to have both on? 2. Can I get new relays for this older tub? I was told there were 3 in the box, not sure which one controls this system. Just looking for help. Thanks.
  3. Have a 97 Hot Spring Soverign. The entire board, relays and limit switches are not repairable. The rest of the tub is good. Would like to get either a new box if available ( cannot find so far), replace the entire system with a new system like spa guts, Balboa or similar. Or just give it up and get a new spa. I was given an estimate of $1500 to install Balboa system in spa. Any ideas or advice appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Can you still purchase a 97 or something to replace the entire controller box including circuit board, relays and limit switches? Mine are not repairable according to circuit board repair facility. Thanks.
  5. I have a 94 Soverign that has a leak somewhere. I am working through the process to determine where it is but was wanting some ideas where this spa historically has issues and leaks. As you might know it is a filled foam spa that makes it hard to see any leaks except in the front control area which I do not see. It leaks only when the jets has been running not when it sits without jets on. Please let me know what areas that are the most likely. Also if I should consider using some stop leak in the spa. Thanks for any help.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I have looked up the parts and see what you are talking about. How do I get the bezel off, does it pull off or unscrew? Thanks.
  7. 94 Hot springs Soverign with 1 jet that does not work (no flow coming out of it). It is the larger fixed jet that is on the back left when facing the controls. Would appreciate any advise on taking jet out and checking for blockage or additional troubleshooting ideas. The rest of the jets have excellent flow. Thanks for your help.
  8. I still have some questions on the limit switches for 94 hot springs soverign. I know one is 120df and one is 150df limits. Does that mean water is maxed at 120df then switch goes off and when water heater maxs at 150df then it goes off. Why wouldn't the 120 limit just shut everything off? Also. Now that I do not have the switches in and am wired direct to circuit board (switches on order but backordered) how hot can the water get before something happens to heater or blows fuses? Thanks. When I keep temp on 4 the breaker does not trip but when I put to level 9 (the highest on dial) the breaker will trip. Thanks.
  9. Thanks to everyone for responding. The switches were rusted out due to water that came up on spa during hurricane flood. I ordered new ones. Thanks for all replies.
  10. First, thanks to everyone who is helping with forum, this is great for a novice like me and has helped a great deal. Same spa -new issue: 1. The breaker is kicking after 15 minutes or so of use. 2. I have ordered the new heater and spa limit switches which are bad. Backordered until end of month. 3. Bypassed the bad switches direct to circuit board. 4. The spa has been doing fine for 1 week with no issues. 5. I will install new switches and wire back through switches when they arrive. 6. Not sure why the GFI receptacle did not Need some diagnosis help. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for all the follow-up and advice it is very much appreciated. I can get the parts (one of the parts below). My question is: 1. Are they really needed. 2. If so can I install easily. I see they have probes. (not sure if I can install probes). Thanks again.
  12. I am told I need 2 switches. Can any describe that each does and where and what term to use when ordering. The spa currently has been wired around these 2 bad switches straight to circuit board. It seems the be operating well but figured I need to replace these bad switches for safety reasons? Thanks for any help. 1. Heater High Limit 2. Spa High Limit
  13. Thanks for the follow-up. Some additional questions: 1. Can I get these from backyard plus or hot springs parts. What name to use when ordering? 2. The spa turns off after 5-10 minutes then you can turn back on runs fine then turns off. Is this related to these switches? Thanks again for the responses, very helpful.
  14. Have 2 mechanical switches that are bad. The switches are just ahead of the circuit board. What do the safety switches do and what would I order to get new ones. I put in new circuit board and found out no power when running through switches but when bypassing switches I have power and everything works but shuts off in 10 minutes or so only the easily start again. Need ideas and suggestions. Thanks.
  15. Just a follow-up. The spa is a 1994 Hot Springs Soverign. Thanks.
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