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  1. Thanks for your comment arcticoceanowner. You're the same height as me, so that's reassuring. Out of interest which spec did you choose, legend, epic etc? Also do you find the ozone and onzen options are worth it? Also, do you ever feel you wished the spa end had lounger seats, or do you find it comfortable as it is. How noisy do you find it? Finally, have you had any need to have it serviced or attended to, if so has Arctic given you good service? Sorry to ask so many questions! Just want to make sure my £20k is well spent!! Thanks for your help.
  2. We are in the UK and have been researching swim spas for the last few months. Our needs are for family fun and relaxation - adults in the spa end, kids having fun in the deeper swim section and for myself to do the occasional workout. You get the idea, certainly not olympic training! We have wet tested a few swim spas but have virtually settled on the Arctic Ocean, for one reason because the local dealer was very helpful. Is there anyone who has any opinions or experience with it? There's hardly any independant research or reviews on swim spas (or even hot tubs for that matter) that it's d
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