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  1. It seems that the heater on my hot tub will not turn off. As an example, the water temperature is at 80. I set the temperature to 70. The water heats up. After awhile it is at 100+. I check the temperature setting and it is 70 but the water temp is now 100+. I have a spa with a Balboa G2 circuit board. I checked the resistance on both temperature sensors and they registered fine. Any ideas?
  2. I have an Liesure Bay hot tub with a G2 circuit board / control from 2003. I was having problems with OH codes after bringing my spa up over the summer. I ended up sending my circuitboard and controller out for repair. The OH code issue is now fixed. I now see a problem that neither of the two lights are working. These lights haven't been turned on for 8 months. When pressing the light button on the controller, I hear a clicking coming from the board. BTW...I hooked the 4 prong light cord back on the circuit board when re-assembling. So...is there any testing multi-meter testing I can do on the light outputs (or lights themselves)?
  3. I have an Liesure Bay hot tub with a G2 circuit board / control from 2003. Is there any recommended company that repairs these things? Or is there an alternative hardware option?
  4. I was working on my spa when the Balboa Pressure sensor fell off the heater. The connector bolt was still in the heater. I unscrewed the bolt and it looks like I could glue/cement/solder the thing back together. My problem is that I am not sure what type of glue/cement/solder to use. It is metal on metal. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Thanks...I checked the sensors last night and they test out fine. My next step is to clean off the circuit board.
  6. One other thing... If the sensors are OK, then the problem looks like it would be the board. Before getting a new board though, is there a method of cleaning the circuit board properly? There was an ant/roach highway going over the circuit board. I attempted to clean with a can of air but is there some solvent I could use that would work better? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the quick response... I think I found a balboa temp resistance chart online. http://www.spacare.com/balboasensorresistancevalues.aspx Based on the above, it looks like I could test the resistance on the sensors. If the resistance is reading properly (70 degrees), then the sensor is working properly and that leaves the board as the problem. Does this make sense?
  8. I am getting an OH code on the start up of my spa (after it runs for about 10 seconds). The model is Leisure Bay Rio Grande with a G2 panel set for 240V. The water temp is showing a 76 degrees. I set the heater down to 70 degrees and it still happens. I can press a button (up/down) and the unit starts up for around 10 seconds then shuts down with an OH. Note that the spa is pumping water fine. I suspect that it is a bad sensor, but it looks like three different sensors come off the board. Two look like heat sensors (one goes to directly to the tub, one goes to the heating unit) and the other one looks like a pressure sensor (attached to the heating unit). Frankly, I am not sure what the heating sensor is for. But, since it is set to 240V I really don't want to screw up. Any ideas on how to get this thing back working. BTW, I have had intermittent problems restarting the hot tub after the summer but usually, I can clean the board off with a can of air and it works.
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