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  1. bumping for advice..
  2. anyone else can chime in regarding the $1500 quote from IL to FL please?
  3. Thanks Tubber. I did receive one quote for $1500. I'm thinking that is quite reasonable considering the distance, don't you?
  4. Need some advice/suggestions please. Our family has endured a tragedy the past few weeks and we now have to move a hot tub from Illinois to Florida. Has anyone paid a service to move their hot tub across state lines and provide advice/suggestions on the most reasonable way to do this? Spa is Hot Springs Gleam dimensions 7'7" x 9'2"
  5. OK. So I've been dosing Dichlor at the rate of .5oz each day per the Pool Calculator for 550 gallons. I just tested my chlorine levels yesterday and it's at 16ppm!!! What the heck. Chlorine is high once again! I'm confused. Pumps were just replaced and they replaced my ozonator as well so with the ozonator my chlorine demand should be higher. I just tested chlorine levels 24 hours later and it's now at 14ppm. Using the formula from this website my chlorine demand is 13% right (14/16= .87 , 1-.87=.13 or 13%) Isn't this extremely low chlorine demand supposedly with a brand new corona discharge (freshwater III) ozonator? There are bubbles coming out from the circ pump so I know the line is not obstructed from the venturi and the check valve was also replaced. I'm at a loss to figure out how the chlorine levels got that high again? Anyone have any suggestions and how can I reduce my chlorine levels at this point?
  6. TA is at 80ppm and PH 7.1 I was going to aerate tub to bring PH up and then add enough acid to bring TA down to 50ppm. Does this sound right? Or should I add borates to 50ppm and then test and proceed? Just wondering if I really need to add the borate?
  7. I had been using powder to bring the borates to 50 ppm but decided not to use it and just try it without this time. My spa has an ozonator. Now that I think of it, the ozonator did stop working which resulted in my CL levels rising over the period of a week with daily addition of the bleach. I think it was about 22ppm or so. When I tested and saw the high CL I stopped dosing bleach and checked ozonator, It was dead. They sent out another one and I had it replaced. This happened about 2 months ago. Didn't associate the high CL with the pumps leaking but that might be the culprit?
  8. I've been using this site for the valuable information and the Dichlor then Bleach method for about 2 years with success. I recently bought a new Hot Springs hot tub (replaced my old trusted and tried Sundance Optima) a little over a year ago. I noticed 2 wets spots by the front of the cabinet just past the 1st year. I thought it was because of the recent rain but when I saw the telltale white residue I knew that my tub was leaking. Pulled the front panel off and sure enough, 2 of the main pumps (equipped with 3 pumps and 1 circ pump) were leaking at the bushings. I cannot believe that not only 1 but 2 pumps would be leaking this early into the tub ownership. Placed call into Spa Repair. They came out and asked about my water chemistry. I told them look at the water, it's crystal clear and my TA is always balanced to about 50PPM while my PH remains fairly constant at around 7.5. He tells me that the TA is low and water was acidic and probably lead to the pumps premature failure? I've been given advice to keep my TA around 50ppm so the PH won't stray and rise too much over time. Was that bad info??? Anyway, drained tub and refilled. My TA is at 70ppm and PH at 7.1. If the previous advice I was given is OK I'm assuming I should aerate tub to bring PH up and then use Muriatic to bring TA back down to 50ppm area right?
  9. I have recently new Hot Springs Gleam tub which came with and OZONATOR from the factory. Water has been very balanced and I've been supplementing about 2oz of Clorox (8.25%) every day or so keep my Chlorine levels around 3-4ppm So I recently tested my tub and level was at about 30ppm!!! I left it alone for 3 days and it's still reading close to 30ppm! What the heck is going? I'm assuming that the Chlorine is staying in the water and accumulated from my daily 2oz additions and is not dissipating because my OZONATOR is no longer working. It is injected into the tub by my the 24 hour circ pump and I so see little bubbles coming out the nozzle. Is there anyway to easily test to make sure the OZONATOR is actually working?
  10. I've recently changed the water in my hot tub, balanced the water to following parameters: PH=7.9 TA= 80 Borate = 50ppm Temp = 97 Normally I have sparkling water with no cloudiness at all with TA about 50 and PH near 7.5 My PH has risen a bit along with the TA but it still seems within range. Problem is the water is not super clear like it has been and there is a slight cloudiness to it. No smell at all. I used dichlor the first week and have been on the Clorox bleach since then keeping sanitizer level at about 3-5ppm I rinsed the filter (very clean and sign of dirt especially since tub has only been used twice since fresh fill) and tried using SpaGuard Water Clarifier. NO CHANGE: Rinsed the filter again and used Sparkle-X by Nature's Way: NO CHANGE. Rinsed filter after this as well. I'm stumped. Anyone have any suggestions for a way to clear the slight cloudiness up?
  11. 3nickles

    Help With Dropping Ph

    chem geek. I was still using Dichlor because I hadn't reached 35ppm yet. I didn't want to use my Taylor kit to test it since it takes so much of the reagent for the CYA test and the dip strips aren't very accurate. I'm thinking that's the reason my PH dropped?
  12. Last 4 hot tub fills I had a nice system down where I could quickly get my TA down to about 50-60 and PH at 7.5 with 50ppm Borates added (3 cups Boric Acid). Not sure if this is the problem but while brining the TA down I added the Boric Acid, which I usually add when the TA is at desired point. My PH was lower than previous fills at about 7.0 / using the POOL CALCULATOR it stated that I Could add BORAX (which I previously had on hand) at 2.7 ounces. Added and voila PH was right at 7.5 sweet point! Used the tub about twice since then (about 2 weeks ago) and remeasured: TA= 60 PH=7.0 I didn't expect PH to drop back down. Is this a problem and if so how do I remedy the drop in PH?
  13. 3nickles

    What To Do For 7 Day Vacation

    So I'm thinking I could shock to 10ppm FC day I leave and lower temp to reduce chlorine use right? If so should I use shock higher than 10ppm for a week and what temp to lower hot tub?