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  1. Of course that did not work. Had them come out and flush the lines through hydrant. Still brown. Ordered some stuff to clear water and will run through old filter. I bought a new one to put in when I get clear water.
  2. Ran cleaner through last night. Some funky stuff came out. Have hose filter coming today. Going to give that a shot. Have new filter coming Monday. That new pump got me fixed up. Ready to use this thing again. Maybe get another 20 years out of it.
  3. We have been dealing with brown water in out Subdivision for several months now. Have to call city and have them flush lines to get clear water for hot tub. This the second time now I have filled with brown water and now my filter is getting clogged. What the best way to get this out of filter?
  4. Man my hands frozen. Got it winterized. Will order new pump. That thing only about 2 yo. That really threw me hearing that relay and pump turning off and on about the same time and pumping good when it was on. Thanks CanadianSpaTech. Would prefer to have non-smart pump but guess order same one.
  5. That smart part of the pump is the problem I would guess. Pumps fine when it runs.
  6. Thanks for taking time. This been a bad week. Decided to retire and first week of year new dryer, emergency dog visit, have to get couple crowns, hot tub and bad week for mom. Going to winterize tomorrow and order new pump.
  7. The filters have been removed. I put the E10 in last time. I can not see any bubbles in the line but for the couple seconds when it shoots water in the tub there are bubbles. I had also used water hose yesterday to try squirt water in. After ten times it keeps going. The light comes on for a short time.
  8. I guess that the heater relay turning off and on. Voltage to pump from black wire to ground 120v and white to ground 120v black to white 240. Guess pump bad.
  9. I so sorry did did not read your question right. It been a day dealing with my mom alzheimer. It flashing back and forth.
  10. I so sorry did did not read your question right. It been a day dealing with my mom alzheimer. It flashing back and forth.
  11. Something telling the relay for the pump to constantly turn on and off. I checked the flow switch and it OK. The pump hardly stays on long enough to get water flowing. I have tech coming next week. He said something about low voltage and could be the board.
  12. I replaced it few years ago. The relay is turning off and on to the pump. Not sure it the pump.
  13. Have not used tub in few weeks. Opened and seen FLO error. Pump is turning off and on every few seconds. Pump works when on and flow switch seems to work the pump just not staying on. There was a dead rat under tub but do not see any damage. You can hear the relay switching off and on.
  14. Service tech had me replace the breaker since it had been tripped so many times. He set the pump to run 24 hours. It only trips about the third or fourth time the pump tries to come on. Once it is on the 24 hour cycle it probably won't trip now. Will see how it goes.
  15. I have a tech coming out Friday. I really think I managed to get two bad pumps or pump not compatible. Both of them had a service sticker on them that I thought was strange. Tech had me unhook pump and turn off and on with the temperature like I was getting it to trip before. Did not trip. Maybe this new pumps need to be hooked to a system that uses neutral wire. Hope tech gets figured out.
  16. Seems like my tub just does not like these new E10 pumps. It is slow to start like it needs a starting cap or something. It seems like it is either the pumps or something on the board. When it kicks the breaker it is when it just starts to turn the pump on. Can hear the relay click and than dies.
  17. I went out and cycle circulation pump off and on raising and lower temp. The third time it tried to come on the breaker tripped. What would cause that?
  18. I have a 2002 Sundance Cameo. A couple of weeks ago my circulation pump went out I replaced with the E10. Then my GFCI would trip after several hours. Unhooked the heater and still tripped. Would run without pump connected. I got a new pump and it ran for a couple of days and tripped again. I been using tub everyday. Went a couple more days and tripped again. I just went out and unhooked heater again and tripped again. Looks like may have been when filter cycle started. I at a loss. I guess could call a service tech. It can take days for it to trip now and not sure how they will charge me for that. I wonder if I should replace the breaker since it tripped so many times on that first pump. It is a siemens 50amp GFCI in the main breaker box.
  19. Received new pump and work good now. Man that was a long couple weeks. I hate intermittent problems. All in all this been a good tub. 14 years of use. Still have original cover. Just had to glue some new vinyl at the seems. I need to reconsider shutting tub down for summer. All problems have been on start up. I have been using bleach for sanitizer for years but am going to try the bromine tablets in floater. Bleach has worked good for me but have to add everyday which is one of the reason I shut down for summer when not in use. Going to do a water change and convert to bromine. I have city well water which is really soft and very high ph. Been using Nitro's way to get ph in balance pretty fast. http://www.whatsthebest-hottub.com/forum/index.php?topic=12283.0
  20. Just home and looked at. Says right on control box three wire system. There is no connection for neutral wire. Wiring diagram shows three wires from GFI breaker to tub. Guess I am going either buy another pump or just give up on tub. Seems like every year now when bring tub up its something. Last year blower and year before control panel. This sucks.
  21. I talked to the place I bought it from and was talking about the wiring. I only have three wires connected and he says should be 4. The forth wire is there but not connected. He says that is the problem.
  22. Figured out it has to go through filter cycle 4 before running the recirc cycle so I changed the timer times to go through the cycle 4. I left the ground wire off the pump and it ran all night. I do know not to touch the pump like this but run out of idea's to isolate the pump. The pump must an interment short to ground. I am going to try to return it. Sucks when it is an interment problem. Will go several hours before tripping. The new pump does have a "Service" tag on it like it had been reconditioned. Also has the old pump model number on it and though it was going to be the new E10 model.
  23. Is there a way to force the re-circulation cycle after a power failure? Seems to take a day before it starts.
  24. I set the temp yesterday so and recirc time so pump would not run. Stayed on all night. I raised the temp this morning and breaker tripped again when got home. I pulled the green wire from the pump to see if it will still trip. I don't think it will. Pretty sure it the pump but not sure about how to get a replacement? Could possible be heater but don't think it is. If it trips again with green wire not hooked up will pull the heater wires and try one more time. This get fusstrating.
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