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  1. Has Anybody Had Trouble Ordering From Arthurspools Or Just Me?

    Last summer when I had a bad experience with Arthur's Pools, I posted on this site simply to help others avoid my experience. I did not come back to the site to see that I had been accused of being a complainer. The allegation was that I had received a discount by offering a check over the phone. I received no such discount. The purpose in giving a phone check was to get delivery as early as possible without either giving them my credit card number, or waiting for my purchase order to get to them by snail mail. Now to catch you up to date, the bad new does not end. The pool arrived so late I just left it shrink wrapped on the pallet until this Spring. Now I have unpacked and find there is no Instruction manual for the pool, the cover is an oversized plastic bowl cover (with an elastic band), and the heater is something I have never seen before. I was told I could plug into a 220 outlet, and this heater is supposed to be hard wired to a service box, which in my case is 70 feet from the pool. You think it can't get worse? It can. I do not have ONE PIECE of paperwork on this pool - no confirmation of order, no receipt, no invoice, no warranty. There is NOTHING I can do to rectify my situation because I cannot prove what I ordered and bought from them. I cannot even produce a cancelled check, because they took my check number over the phone. BEWARE. How do I get this thing to send?
  2. Has Anybody Had Trouble Ordering From Arthurspools Or Just Me?

    They wanted our checking account information (bank account number, bank routing number, check number). I forget what they called it (virtual check?). I had never heard of something like that, but it worked for them.
  3. Has Anybody Had Trouble Ordering From Arthurspools Or Just Me?

    On June 18th we ordered a Legacy pool from Arthur's Pools. They wanted our money up front, and banked it on June 21st. It is August 19th (nine weeks later with the swim season ending) and we have yet to receive the pool. What we were told was that it was "out of stock" and they "would have to reorder." As it was coming from Korea, it would take "SIX weeks" to get it to us. At SEVEN weeks I e-mailed them, "Where's my pool?!" NO REPLY. At EIGHT weeks I called. I was then told it takes "six to EIGHT weeks" to deliver. They claimed it had just "cleared customs", it had to be shipped to them, they had to add all the fittings, and THEN they would SHIP it to me. Suspecting that I wasn't going to receive it this whole swim season, I said, "You call me when you have the pool, and I will tell you if I want my money back." I was then told, "We will have to charge a 25% restocking fee." I protested, "How can you restock something you haven't even GOT in stock?" I was then told they could charge the fee because it was a "custom made" pool. I then objected that it was NOT custom made as it was ON THE LIST WITH EVERY OTHER AVAILABLE SIZE of Legacy pool. They would admit no wrong doing, and as they already have my money I have no recourse. I believe I was intentionally deceived, because it stands to reason that no one is going to order a pool in the Spring that they know they won't even receive until the end of the summer. I am VERY disgusted with Arthur's Pools and feel I have been very ill treated.