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  1. The Pool - Concrete bowl, fiberglass panel sides 20x40 oval shaped in ground. 3' shallow, 10' deep. Two jet returns fed from one line One working skimmer, one dead skimmer Bottom Drain DE Filter The problem - Loses water all summer long. Each fall we drain down to first step and leave for summer. Last two years it self drained over a period of six years passed the walls exposing the first few inches of the bowl. Other symptoms. If we pull from drain (and not skimmer) we lose A LOT less water. The returns are spitting out a fine, pale (tan) sandlike substance tha
  2. First time poster. I've got a 24' round inflatable ring pool. Someone gave me a frog and the mineral/choline pacs so I hooked it up. The directions say 1 is the lowest feed setting, 10 is practically wide open. After 1 week of being on '1' the cholrine is as high as the color will change on the test kit. It has used up 75% of the chlorine pack as well. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell if it is labeled backwards or something.
  3. First post, I did a search prior to asking this: I traded someone my small Easy Set Pool for their 24' diameter easy set. I need to dig down into my yard to create a level surface for the new pool. Is the diameter this pool needs 24'? I know these have a "bell-bottom" shape to them when full and didn't know if the 24' was measured at the widest part of the bell or the actualsurface of the bottom of the pool, with the bell being wider. The reason I ask is my yard has quite a slope so one end of the pool will be butting into a minor hill. I don't want to level it to 24' only to find th
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