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  1. @RDspaguy okay, okay I'm a @waterbear fan. He pretty much got me out of some "hot water" when I began tubbing! lol IF YOU WOULD LIKE to give me some input on my post, I'd love to hear it. I think Waterbear is won't be able to get back to me until after he's through with report cards. 🙂
  2. I have been filling my little spa for about 6 years now, using bromine and city water. FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I cannot get the water stabilized (according to Nitro's approach 11/08), EVER. Nitro states that the CH level will be used to determine TA/pH levels, and that the trick is to get the TA high enough not to create an unstable situation, and low enough not to allow pH to rise too much. All that he says makes perfect sense, but it's not my reality! Waterbear, I always use your "Bromine Done Right" on fresh fills. Just filled a few days ago, and as it stands, my readings (with Taylor products) are CH 300, TA 80, Bromine 9 and pH OFF THE CHART! I tested the water before I began: CA 300, TA 90, pH 7.4. Added bromine and shocked. Next day the bromine was 3.5 and pH was off the chart. Had to wait for ProTeam tabs to arrive, so I added 2 to the filter and the next day the sanitizer level was 15 so I aerated to bring it down to 10. With all of this work and no success, I am wondering if my CH is too high in the first place? The only thing I've seen on the forum is to "make a note of it" if it's higher than 150. Sure would appreciate some help. Thanks!
  3. Hi there - saw your post and wondered if you were able to find an answer! I am having the same problem on startup and haven't been on the forum for quite some time but figured I'd see what was out there! I sent a message to Waterbear, who has been an amazing resource for such issues and I hope I hear back soon. I will message you if I do, if that's okay! Meantime, sure hope you have been able to use your spa.
  4. chem geek! We have a 240 gal bromine hot tub that I maintain using guidelines I found on this forum from Waterbear, Nitro, and you! I need your opinion on brominating tabs...I was using ProTeam tabs (bromochloro-5, 5-dimethylhydantoin 98%) and things were good. While I was out of state caring for my parents, my hubby took over the maintenance, consulting a hot tub retailer for advice. Ended up with Leslie's Bromine tabs (1-bromo 3-chloro5, 5-dimethylhydantoin 54.2%, 1,3-dichloro-5, 5-dimethylhydantoin 28%, 1,3-dichloro-5ethyl-5-methylhydantoin 15.9%...whew!) When I returned home, the bromine levels were sky high. I aerated to lower as much as possible, and put the ProTeam tabs back in the floater. Do you feel that the ProTeam tabs are best when compared to the Leslie's? I'm no chemist, but the list of ingredients on the latter seems crazy! Thank you in advance for your input.
  5. Did some surfing to see what material our tub is actually made of, and it looks like it's high density polyethylene (not fiberglass). Also convinced my husband not to apply any wax and just let me do my "Bromine for Beginners" thing....I have been so anxious to actually start up the spa the right way this time!! Here is where the test results stand, 3 hours after process was started: Br = 12 pH = 7.8 TA = 80 CH = 280 Floater = set on 1 I was surprised by a couple of things: TA tested at 200 to start (city water), and it took less than half of the recommended dose of acid (sodium bisulfate) to lower it to 80 (using Nitro's instructions) within 30 minutes! The other surprise was that after adding the sodium bromide and shocking, the bromine only spiked to 12. Are both of these figures good? So, the little hot tub is all tucked in for the night and I am hoping that tomorrow morning will bring good results. At least I know it's fresh water and a nice, clean shell!
  6. Well, I feel like the "hot tub idiot"! Sorry to bug you again .... I may have made a huge faux pas last night -- after draining our hot tub, I cleaned it with borax, a non-scratch cleaning pad and LOTS of elbow grease. I've always thought borax to be non-abrasive, and I did this to remove stains that had been left behind from the previous owner's use of well water. (When we bought it last year, my husband took care of cleaning it up and filling it while I consulted the local pool/spa store for chemical assistance. Thought we were doing everything right ... then the water started to choke us and turned green ... THEN I found this amazing forum. WHY do I do everything in reverse order?) So, AFTER I cleaned the fiberglass shell with borax (removing each and every stain I might add!), my hubby said he wants to "wax" it before we refill. I decided to see if anything was posted along those lines, and also read a couple of your posts on not scrubbing a hot tub. I would love to have your input on that ... is it necessary? If so, what product would be best to use? Have I possibly ruined my finish by using borax on the stains? Water still beads nicely on the surface - if that makes any difference. Once again ... S. O. S. !! (Save Our Spa!)
  7. Chem Geek: Thank you for the accurate interpretation! Waterbear: Honor and respect, indeed .... PLUS a little bit of "shame on me" for letting my water go so long without changing it!!
  8. Thanks for your patience, speedy replies and great info, Waterbear!
  9. Thank you, Most Helpful Tardigrade! If I may humbly request, please consider adding the following info to "Bromine for Beginners" - 1) Ozonators: Help or Hype? The roll ozone plays in your 3-step bromine spa 2) Air Controls: Open or closed when spa is not in use (and yet runs its filtration process)?
  10. OUCH! i knew that was going to hurt! I shall drain my tub and start fresh, being sure to invest in my bromide bank as well as follow the rest of your bromine protocol. If you don't mind another question ... I have a couple 2 oz. packets of "hth spa" brom-start (99% sodium bromide, 1% inert other). I bought them about 4 months back and they've been stored on my sun porch. Since there is no expiration date on the package, does this mean that these granules stay "active" indefinitely? The stuff is relatively cheap and I don't mind buying more, but I don't want to bother if I can use these to get the results I need. What's your opinion on that? Thanks so much for your time and excellent advice!
  11. Hey Waterbear - I replied to this topic because I was searching for info on how an ozonator affects the depletion rate of bromide. Lately I've had one heck of a time keeping bromine levels up to par, even with shocking, using the floater and adjusting TA (which is about 90 right now). The water feels comfortable and looks great, but I can't get good bromine readings (Taylor K-2106). I'm beginning to wonder if I need to add sodium bromide as you advised during start-up, but I don't want to make that move without consulting you first. Here comes the confession ... although I use my little hot tub nearly every evening, I have not changed my water in over a year!! I rotate two filters and rinse them every other week or so. I just find it difficult to "dump" perfectly good water, especially during this crazy drought! Maybe the bromide is saying, "COME ON, LADY! I'M SOOO EXHAUSTED ... LET ME GO!" ... but I'm hoping I can just add a few more buddies to help it do its job! Okay, I'm ready for your reply ... Hit me with it, good and bad! Thanks!
  12. I'm baaaaack ... been enjoying our hot tub with the exception of a few issues, which I need your wonderful advice on. Here are the vitals: Br 5.25, pH weird (please see photo), TA 60, CH 180. Way too much foaming ... like bubble bath foaming! No laundry detergent/softener allowed, so I just don't get that. The pH shade resembles a sockeye salmon! I have been able to get it down, but it still is an odd color compared to the shades on the tester. Also, I just cannot seem to keep it stable, even with (fairly) regular testing and adjusting. Any input? Sure do appreciate your time kids!! Thanks
  13. Well, you can blame the uneducated pool store guys for a start - not all of them, but just the ones who think they have it all figured out, but who are actually just reciting the same old litany all the time... and trying to sell their overpriced products. That's what I did. Made me feel much better! Right on, sister! Actually, the pool peeps I use are great ... when I paid them a visit to let them know they didn't tell me about adding sodium bromide at start-up, thus contributing to the bromine toxicity (info courtesy Waterbear!), they were very apologetic. They basically said that when it comes to the spa part of their business (a very small part), they just do what the vendors tell them. In fact, they said they questioned the vendor as to why they didn't receive the "small packets" for spa start-up as in the past. They were told that it was no longer necessary, and that all you need to start up was the Brominating Tablets and MPS to shock. Sure would be great if industry would get on the same page as the consumer, no?!? Well, thanks again for your help and advice!
  14. LOL! SuzyQ442, you must read my most recent post. I'm with you on the MPS (through trial and error)!
  15. Nah, I am quite content as a tardigrade (google it) . After all, I can survive in a vacuum. I've always been fascinated with diatoms, but I had no idea about the existence of tardigrades! And I am so blonde that I actually thought your Waterbear was a photo of a manatee! Okay, okay ... you can all stop laughing now. Update on my little hot tub: (Oh ... I actually FOUND the booklet that came with my Taylor kit - this before I purchased another one!) Last Sunday, I was told that I should always turn the air controls off when the tub is not in use, to help keep the heat in and make it easier for the heater to maintain the temperature. So, I started doing that. Things were going along swimmingly when Monday, I noticed quite a bit of foaming (more so than before). Dumb Thing #1 - Without testing bromine and pH, I shocked with MPS (just because I have some - duh!). Well, I think I'll just donate the rest of the MPS right back to the pool peeps and they can give it to someone who loves it! It is now Friday, and I have more foam than ever and my pH went down to 7.0 (or lower? Does the Taylor kit pH test reflect anything lower than 7.0 by a color change?) and Bromine is off the charts. Dumb Thing #2 - Reviewed the posts on this topic after I treated my water. Then, of course, I got smart! Removed the Bromine floater and aerated for over an hour; pH came right back up to 7.4! Although foaming decreased a bit, I still have some and the Bromine is still very high. I am going to keep the floater out of the water until levels drop. I'm a bit confused, because Dumb Thing #3 - When I checked the bromine level on Wednesday, it was low, so I gave the floater just a couple more twists and thought that might do the trick. Before I escalate to Dumb Thing #4, can you tell me if turning off the air controls is necessary? Might limiting the amount of air circulating when the tub is not in use actually lower the pH level and made bromine levels rise? I just want to blame someone else for my bubbles and bromine! lol
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