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  1. I ended up doing it myself. Just bought 1000 pounds of sand at lowes for 30$. Next time I will use paverstones as bases for the poles as they dig into the sand a little too much, at least on the grass parts. Overall, it's working good so far and the kids love it. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!
  2. Anyone know how I can setup a new round Intex 10'x30" above ground pool on a rectangular 7'x13' concrete slab that is surrounded by grass? Can I just use ~20 bags of mason sand and fill the cement area up to meet the grass height? Then put some sand on the grass to make it more level too? Is there a better way to do this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I also purchased a pool pad as well. This will be my first pool setup and want it to be nice for the kids.
  3. Here is the size and shape of my pool. Do you think two sections would be manageable by one person to remove and fold? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/192/poolshape2.jpg
  4. hehe... I was wondering if it is just a gimmick.. but some people say they really work well. I do not have a heater and I live in southern California. The link about cutting it into 10 pieces seems like it might be more work than just rolling two big pieces on a reel. I have never had any experience with solar covers so i don't know how manageable they are. Also, I don't want to spend more than a few hundred, so a full heavy duty cover is probably out of the question. I'm defiantly leaning for the benefit of heat and a bonus of cleanliness.
  5. Anyone know what the best solar cover configuration would be for my oddly shaped pool? Here is a ruff drawing of it with sizes: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/192/poolshape2.jpg I was thinking I can buy a large reel and place it at the top. The reel would stretch to the maximum with of the pool. I would then cut the solar cover to only fit the water. However, this would cause it to drag while winding up. Will dragging on the concrete tear it easily? Another option might be to cut it into two pieces and put the real in the middle of the pool then rotate it slitly when rolling up each section. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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