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  1. Is it appropriate to post about a poor customer service experience with an online vendor? If not...can someone point me to a pool and spa site that allows this?
  2. Jerry123

    Bromine Start Question

    Thank you for you're input. Does this mean that if I put sodium bromide in the spa I can get rid of the bromine tab floater?
  3. In reading another thread, I suspect that I may be doing my chemistry incorrectly so I'd like to lay out what my scenario is and correct any mistakes. I'd like to get the Bromine scenario right before I explore alternatives. OK, here we go - have a 450g spa - ozone generator - floater (minimun setting) with Brom-a-guard tablets (active ingredient: 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin) - Shock....I have been using Oxy-Spa which is 42.8% potassium peroxymonosulfate. It says on the container that this product is 100% Monopersulfate compound. So, I read in a post that I am supposed to establish the spa with Sodium Bromide. I don't remember this part last year when i first got the spa. Should I be adding sodium bromide at a water change? If so....what product and what quantity? Thanks much
  4. Jerry123

    White Foam Problem

    OK, I think I'll try using the Enzyme liquid regularly for awhile and see if it helps. I'd like to avoid showering before going in the tub if i can. Scum ball, scum bug?? Great names!! Definately gonna get some o' those!!!. Thanks for your help. Jerry
  5. Jerry123

    White Foam Problem

    I use bromine for a sanitizer and baking soda for alkalinity increaser. I have Liesure time test strips which indicate everything is normal. The one exception here is that I have a Bromine level in the "normal" range even though i have an ozone generator and only a "presence" of bromine is necessary. First, let me say that my water is crystal clear with no foul odors. Now....when i use the pumps on high speed, a white foam is generated, open up the air pump and i get more foam, like a big cappucino. If i shut the pumps down the foam immediately dissapates from the surface but the water remains cloudy for a few minutes. Liesuretime "foam down" has some positive effect but not completely. I also rtied the enzyme liquid because it is supposed to dissapate body oils which i figure must be encapsulating air in the water. Any ideas? Thanks much.
  6. Jerry123

    Bromine Level With An Ozonator

    Thanks for the reply. I believe (not sure, but i think so) that i follow the residual bromine thing. If you (mjs) have an in-line ozonator on your spa then your experience may very well apply to me. If you do not have the ozone box then we may have apples and oranges. According to the aforementioned spa guy, that is the case. He said ozonator=less (read trace) bromine. I'm trying to get a handle on the real story as it applies to a spa with an ozonator. So, whatcha got?
  7. Jerry123

    Remote Thermometer

    Cal-spas is the manufacturer. I've already called them to ask if the control on the spa has any type of interface that i could use for HA. The answer was nope. If only I was the boss of the world....things would be different.
  8. just checking to see if the info that I'm getting from the pool and spa guy is accurate. BTW, this is not the place that sold me the spa but it is the place that i go to for chemicals. He said that since I have a built in ozonator I do not need the "normal" level of bromine....all i need is what he calls a "presence". Any color indication on the test strip is fine he said. Hows that sound?
  9. Jerry123

    Calcium Levels For A Non-gunite Spa

    Thank you Jim, I guess it can't hurt to keep the level as per the test strip. I have a related question but since some forums frown on that type of follow-up I'm going to post it as a new question. It is in relation to bromine level with an ozonator.
  10. Jerry123

    Remote Thermometer

    anybody have any knowledge of a remote thermometer that would work with an outdoor spa....preferably with a low-temp alarm?
  11. The guy that i buy my chemicals from said not to bother with calcium if i do a water change at 4 months and that calcium needs to be monitored if you have a gunite unit. Any input on this statement?