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  1. Last year I bought a house with an old inground pool that uses a Hayward Super Pump and a Hayward 270T sand filter. This year, after changing the sand (350 lbs.), I've encountered a problem. When I go to suction the bottom of the pool, the suction on the pump decreases significantly, until there is no water flow whatsoever--there is water in the pump system (because the basket section is full to the lid with water), it's just not moving. After that, I have to switch the pump off and on a couple of times, which starts the water moving again. It appears to me that the problem is with the pump not having enough strength, so that when it's tasked with suction duties, it slows down to a halt. (Note that the motor is still running). Do I need to replace the impeller? Seals? Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the response. Actually, I think the problem isn't how I described it. What happens is that when the filter and pump are taxed (usually when I vacuum the bottom of the pool, which is a bit cruddy after the winter), the water stops circulating. When I go to the pump, the basket area of the pump is completely full of water, but it's not getting moved by the pump (i.e. no flow). After this I need to start/stop the pump a couple of times, which seems to get the flow going again. My thought is that it's the impeller. Maybe it needs a couple of jolts to get going, and when there's significant drag, it stops pumping. I don't know. I'll probably start a new thread. I appreciate your time, though.
  3. This is my second year with a vintage Buster Crabbe inground pool. Last year was a successful one learning all the basics. At the beginning of this season I decided I should change the sand in my 270T filter. All went well and I've been filtering (with a few backflushes) for a couple of days. Today, however, I started vacuuming the bottom and at point the return flow diminished (I was using a skimmer basket and of course the pump basket, and not using the was setting--this is how I did it last year). I turned off the pump, cleaned all the baskets, backwashed and rinsed, and then restarted filtering. The return flow was strong for about 30 seconds and then went to just about zero. I backflushed and rinsed a couple of more times with the same results. Trying to determine where the problem is, I checked flow on backwash and waste settings, with positive results--the water flows properly. Then I ran the rinse for a minute or so and monitored flow, and just as with the filter setting, the flow (this time away from the pool) diminished. So, I know that the problem is within the filter and not within the return line to the pool. Any thoughts? Could I have put too much sand in the filter? I was a little more than the recommended six inches from the top (more like eight). I used standard filter sand. Could it be a problem with the laterals? Could they somehow have been crushed? Why would it work for four days before this problem. And why after vacuuming? Have I put really bad slugde into the filter that won't come out? Also, the pump is working well, pulling/pushing as it should (when the settings are backwash and waste.
  4. Last fall I bought a house in the country with a 40 year-old in-ground Buster Crabbe liner pool. The pool has been unmaintained for at least two years, and when I uncovered it this weekend for the first time, water visibility was less than two feet--you can't see the bottom. The system has a relatively new sand filter and pump, and I've had them going for about 16 hours now. My question is: Is this all I need to do to begin clarifying the water? Should I put anything in the water before it clears? FYI: We have well water, but it doesn't contain iron--just calcium. Also, would anyone know approximately how long will it take to clear the water? And how often should I back flush the filter while all this is going on? I'm a complete newbie at all this, so don't assume I know anything whatsoever. Thanks in advance for any help. McGinley
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