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  1. I will give this one a try, How about dropping a sump pump with no hose in the pool? Maybe a Sta-Rite 2hp? That should aerate things a bit. Might have to Tie a large stone onto it though.
  2. Yea I use a leaf rake on my routes thats why I call myself the "leafwrangler". And your right I dont understand anything about PH, and you know what? Your also your right about my route, I just started it last week. WOW, you do know everything, look I apologize your right about it all please delete my post, obviously only your post are "valid".
  3. You can maintain a pool @ 60ppm CYA or even 65, 70, 75, 80. Cal-Hypo is NOT difficult to transport and is a very excellent choice one could use, but what I have learned is that Pool Cleaners in different parts of the country do things differently. You have to be really careless to start a fire. As I said in my post that was deleted, I have a bucket of Cal-Hypo 68% in my Van. It has NOT disappeared from the market. I don't understand why my post got deleted, I was the first to post a reply to help the creator of this thread and the moderator comes in with the "I'm right and your wrong" Attitude, and starts lashing @ the newbie poster??? Im new to the forums not to the forums, I run a commercial route and residential route. Your moderator asked what Exp I have and its funny that the post I explained my Exp was deleted This Forum I thought was to help people with thier pool, not measure ones Exp in pools.
  4. I always laugh when someone says "I been doin' pools for xx years" and for someone to have 30 years exp. in pool maintenance but is working behind the counter testing chemicals at the local pool store isn't saying much. 99 cya is High for your pool, I would at still drop it 3/4 or do a complete dump and refill. You'll see about 80 bucks on your water bill and Thats shooting high.
  5. Dump 9 Pounds of Cyanuric once you drain and refill and this should bring you back to 60ppm and you will be good there. Your Taylor test kit has a pool Bible with awesome Charts on the last pages. Keep it close to you, Put it under your pillow. Adjust accordingly and you will be fine. When you do drain your pool I would recommend a good Ole Chlorine wash while you have it drained. But thats a whole other thread Also I suggest you use Cal-Hypo Chlorine NOT liquid and please Do not use Laundry Bleach.
  6. If just your "handle" is broken on your Main Drain valve, I assume your skimmer valves are exactly the same Jandy model? Just take off one of the valve handles from your skimmer valves and use it on your Main Drain valve to open it up
  7. Wow Cyanuric @ 120 in a 23,000 gal pool, You need to dump that water and start over brother, Dont waste time and money. The Chlorine you add will NOT have any desired effect at that lvl. I suggest you hire a Professional Pool Cleaning Service, maybe find one with a Chemical only service if you are trying to be economical. This will save you more money in the long run.
  8. You can use your algaecide, try a stronger one though like 30% remember to dilute, pour directly over affected area and Brush with Metal Algae Brush, HARD and for a while. Although, Go through the basic chems Also. I always test salt Manually, I never trust the Board reading. You need to be between 2600 ppm to 3600 ppm. You want to be Right @ 3200 ppm. I like to keep my salt pool Ph lvl's @ 7.2-7.4 and of course test your Cyanuric Acid lvl. You should also try using a Clarifier, I like to use Swim-Blue. And I would consider getting new sand.
  9. Hi there Have you made sure that your Pool water level is good? It needs to be at the Middle of tile. Do you have a Sand or D.E. Filter? If so try backwashing. Have you backwashed? Priming is when you use water to fill the pump pot up to fill up the suction line to help pull water. If you think its a clogged line you can go down to your home store and buy a Blow Bag and try to blow out the skimmer lines, I would blow out from the equipment, take off your valve covers and jam you blow bag down the pipe. You could also try to to push water from the skimmers to the pump to help it prime up. Usually helps if your equipment is higher than the level of your pool. Just a few things im throwing here @ you. Good Luck.
  10. To answer your question - No, I have no idea why anyone would use Hose Clamps on flex hose instead of glue on your return line. I would never use flex hose for that matter. Seeing how it is your Return line, I would plumb in a new line using Sch 40 pvc Pipe from the Filter to your return line. It should be an easy fix. Sounds like a lazy repair to me, Someone using Flex Hose like that, with clamps.
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