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  1. I am total pool newbie, bought a house with a dead chloromatic 3 cell in it. The system itself is 7 years old. All the stores in my town are pushing the Hayward Aquarite except one store who is pushing the pentair intellichlor. The Pentair is about $1650.00 installed and the Hayward is about $1525.00 installed. What are the differences in these units and what are all of you guys out there using? My pool is 20X40 if that makes a difference. My salt cell has been down for some time and i just shocked and vacuumed it today, it is filling as we speak so I probably need some quick advice, thanks for all the help and sorry if this was covered in a previous thread, if it was i missed it. Thanks again for your time.
  2. What are the pros and con to the Pentair Intellichor and the Hayward Aquarite?
  3. Yea I have cleaned it very well after i read the manual and saw 120,121 was a cleaning code. It is literally spotless. I used muriatic acid. I have found a Jandy Aquapure PLC700 and PLC1400(i have a 33,000 gallon pool) online for $500.00 but im not sure if it will work with my chloromatic system. I can do the plumbing but Im not sure about the compatibilty with my chloromatic system. thanks for all the help and again sorry if I am reposting something from an old thread. http://www.ezpoolz.com/products/Jandy-AquaPure-PureLink-14%252dBlade-Cell-Kit-40K-40,000-Gallons-%252d-PLC1400,-apure1400.html Thanks for all the help
  4. Hi Thanks for reading my thread. I have tried to read everything posted on the chloromatic 3. I bought a house this week. The pool was beautiful when i looked at the house and it is now green. I am getting the code 120/121 on my chloromatic III cm601. I have cleaned it very well. It looks very old and Im guessing from everything i have read that i need to have it replaced. My local pool store wants to charge me $1000.00 to replumb and replace with a Jandy cell. My pool is 20X40 and about 33,000 galloons I believe. What do i need to do? Do i just replace the cell with a Jandy Aquapure PLC700 or PLC1400 and replumb it to fit or do I have to replace the little chloromatic control box as well? "Im new, I don't know what to do" Any and all help is appreciated. My sincere apologies for reposting if this has already been covered. POOL CLOWN HELP ME :-)
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