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  1. Bullfrog Spas

    My wife is 4 foot 10 inches will she fit if not this may be the tub for me too! lol
  2. Remote Thermometer

    I spent 17 years working in security alarms there are devices out there and you can usually hook them up to a power supply and a warning signal be it a light or noise, most are hooked into a home system and with the help of a central monitoring center dispached by phone.
  3. Help With New Purchase

    Awsome price, Great product...make sure the dealer is good.
  4. Need Constructive Help Picking A Spa

    1/ dont be missled by bias people who think ONLY THEY are right and everyone else is wrong. Do your own well rounded research because in the end you have to live with your decision.
  5. Quality Brands Of Hot Tubs

    Both tubs are good, you wont have a problem enjoying either, but before you let options sway you check out the local rep, do they have parts, service, and a good reputation. Often times the person selling you the spa and backing up that sale can mean more than the brand of spa and deffinetly more than the options in it. In our area one spa store has numerous complaints with better business and several criminal complaints (36 counts of fraud) against them. Check out the company!
  6. Is Full Foam Maint. A Problem

    They can fight all the want. Bottom line...a good full foam tub will have 3 to 4 layers of different foams starting with a 30 lb on the shell 5 or 8 lb for support 1/2 lb supporting the plumbing and usually a 1/4 in vapor or moisture barrier. Now most important to understand...with full foam you dont have the typical leak issues because in most cases pipes dont leak the joints or connections do from vibration and water weight transferral. The foam prevents this from causing leaks, this is why a good "full foam" spa will have a longer warrenty against leaking. Hope this helps
  7. consumers with children

    WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH KIDS. Get over yourself already.
  8. Fastflo Heater D1

    The theory of using a small tubing about 36 inches long with an interior heating element causing more surface area of the element in contact with the water.
  9. Towel Warmer ?

    You may want to try something a little off the wall. The pumps on your spa heat to about 125 degrees building some steps with a hinged top infront of your service panel and some venting would keep that compartment warm without extra electrical cost and no fear of a fire hazard.
  10. Fastflo Heater D1

    Some one is awfull happy for D-1. But still the theory behind D-1 fast flo heater is sound and economical.
  11. Insulation Dilema...help...please.

    In any part of the country, friged or not, full foam insulation is going to maintain water temp and cost less. Many people out there are using the glass window idea when selling spas suggesting dead air space is more efficient in a window and therefore more efficient in a spa. If this were true home builders would not insulate the walls of a home they would leave dead air space. We all know they dont do that our walls are packed tight with insulation and it does not matter where you live fridged or hot every house has full insulation. I suppose if you wanted to see through your hot tub glass and dead air space would be better but if you want to keep down opporating cost insulate it all the way.