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  1. Nice! That looks great! Mine is a majorly budget build and will have a different theme...one that I think is very cool, but no more about that till it is done. I'll be sure to post pics when it is though!
  2. That is good to know! Thank you for posting that. Is there any chance you have some pictures? I am rather curious. My thought behind a floating deck was also that it will raise it up out of any puddles that might form as well. Colo had a good point about critters but I could seal it fairly easily I'm sure. Price wise since I already have the deck built I would actually end up saving a little over buying the pavers as well.
  3. Thanks! I hadn't thought about critters. Good call! I will be sure to take pictures and throw them up. Will probably be a week or two as I now have to save to afford the 70' of 6awg wiring.... fun stuff
  4. Hey guys, My name is Jason, I am new here and am hoping to get some feedback on my plans to place my beachcomber hot tub. I will be putting the hot tub outside - wiring is all set but I am going back and forth on the base. I live in a VERY sandy area and my yard rarely ever shifts. I have plenty of things to prove it, including my deck and a motorcycle shed and none of them have moved at all over the last several years. The garage foundation is uncracked and still level as well. I prefer to avoid a concrete slab for the hot tub as that will require jumping through permitting hoops. To that end I checked with the manufacturer who stated that the tub can be put on a crushed gravel base without any problems at least as far as they are concerned and that doing so is one of their recommendations. I had thought to dig down into the sandy soil about 6 - 8" and put down weed blocker fabric and then edge the hole with pressure treated or railway ties and fill it with shurpak or some other form of crushed gravel compacted with a compacter and topped by 24"x24" concrete pavers with the tub on top. My question is multi-part (and I appreciate the help). First would shurpak be too dense? I was concerned that perhaps I need gravel that is better at allowing water through then shurpak. Secondly, does anyone here have experience with bases like this? I read through a lot of comments in the forums here with a lot of people saying they were going to do it but no follow-up on how things worked out that I could find. I would of course never try this on clay filled soil! Lastly.... not to use up everyone's question answering patience.... I do have a pt 8'x8' platform I made to transport the tub. It is made of 2"x6" pt stringers 12" on center with 2"x6" decking. I contemplated setting this directly on the pavers with the tub on top but was unsure if this would be wise. The thought behind doing that was that if anything did shift the wooden platform would help bear up some of the load a little more evenly. I know 2"x6" is not sufficient if I tried to just support it off the ground but figured if the stringers are sitting on the pavers and supported their entire span it would be fine. Any useful input is very much appreciated Thanks!
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