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  1. Thanks, Guzz. Actually, I did find them a few days back and talked to a local guy who's never sold one but was happy once he saw the price o' them. We're pretty enamoured by the Infinite Pools product- it seems more 'geared' toward the athleticism of swimming, rather than the "spa" concept and their machine is a propeller, not a couple of jets. Anyone have any knowledge about Infinite?
  2. I am having a devil of a time finding comparisons by users and/or professionals between the very few swim spas that are on the market. In fact, only the companies "Endless Pools" and "Infinite Pools" even post the prices of their swim spas (both, ironically, now at $19400 w/o shipping). We in New England are in the market for a swim spa and I would really like some educated information about ANYTHING to do with this very expensive product. We've previewed both Endless's (endless) and Infinite's DVDs. Looks like Infinite's might be a better product. But there's got to be others out there. Pleas
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