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  1. Hi folks, it seems o have always been the case that the Oxy-Spa MPS has never really had the "dramatic" result in sanitizer rise whenever I use it. I just did a refill last night and am using the bromine method. The tub is a 298gal unit after the initial set-up procedures I dosed it with 1.5oz of sodium bromide (98%) and then 1.25oz (32grams) of the Oxy-Spa MPS. I got a rise to about 5ppm total bromine as measured with a Taylor kit. Is this normal? Instructions generally suggest waiting till levels are below 10ppm but I've never been over using this procedure... Thanks for any assistance. Michael
  2. Chem geek. You are truly a hero in the Spa community! I greatly appreciate your sharing of knowledge. I was about to ask if I could add the CYA via the Dichlor but you anticipated my question already. Thanks so much!
  3. Hi Folks, We've now had our tub for a few years and its running just fine. We've moved from the store method to the Bromine method on here and back to the Dichlor/MPS Shock method (couldn't adjust to the Bromine smell). Given our historically low usage the Dichlor /MPS shock method seems to be ok (though the MPS shock never seems to create much of a reaction). We have also since dumped the ozone generator as it was producing an awful smell, we're much happier without it. Recently though we have a had a rebirth of sorts with our usage climbing again. So with the Dicklor/MPS method we may run into high CYA levels and the need to fresh fill more frequently, which I'd like to avoid. I'm familiar with the Dichlor/Bleach method but not keen on using a product I cannot confirm the ingredients of (liquid bleach) and I don't like the idea of having to handle liquid bleach. So I'm wondering would it be possible to substitute the liquid bleach for non stabilized chlorine tabs in a floater? This would solve the aforementioned concerns I have as well as provide for less day to day sanitizer maintenance and possibly better vacation maintenance. The other alternative I was considering is those saltwater chlorine generators should the above pose improbable. Thoughts? Thanks, Michael
  4. Hmmm. Thanks for the info. I get that there is no true set and forget. Maybe I should have just asked how you folks deal with not being home for a period of time? We go away annually (budget allowing) for 2 weeks with trips throughout the year of anywhere from 3 to 7 days. How does one keep the tub chlorine levels up? Thanks! Michael
  5. Hi All, I currently have a chlorine tub. Using the advice on this forum its running great! The only remaining thorn in my side is the requirement to sanitize regularly to keep the chlorine levels where they need to be. I tried the bromine method and while it worked fine I just don't like the smell and will not consider it again. So I'm looking at 2 options: 1. A floater for chlorine tabs. I'm hesistant based on my bromine floater experience - always too high or too low as we use the tub irregularly it was difficult to set and forget. 2. Salt water chlorine generator. I'm not sure why there is so little information out there about these for spas. They appear to be the dominant sanitizer method in pools... I'm considering the Saltron Mini or the Nexa unit the other ones on the market seem to use less than honest marketing tactics. Whats the deal with these? Why aren't they the dominant sanitizer method for spa's as well? Why all the suspicison or hype? Who wonuldn't want an automated sanitizer? Help me out folks what am I missing? Thanks in advance! Michael
  6. Well things seem to be functioning normally now that I have switched to bleach as the shocking chemical... Couple things I was hoping to clarify: 1. Regarding spa temp does it matter if the spa is cold or warm when performing the fresh fill steps? 2. I assume with regards to the liquid products that oz means fluid ounces (fl oz)? Just want to make sure my math conversions are accurate. Thanks! Michael
  7. Hmmm Spa Depot shipped to me here in Victoria... Or maybe they didn't and that's why I'm not getting my bromide bank up! I thought I'd do one more test. I added 6.25 fl.oz of bleach and will test in an hour or so. A bit high for my 235 gal but close. Ok so I just tested and my bromine shot WAY up to at least 10ppm or past it.... So seriously, anyone else here use MPS to shock? Regarding the Boric acid, those sound like worthy benefits. Can I add this at any time? Thanks!
  8. Tried the other MPS shock product I have and had the same reaction went up to about 2 ppm... Next attempt is to try the Chlorine Bleach all I could find was Ultra Clorox Bleach with 5.5% Sodium Hypochorlite. I suppose there could be something growing but the fact that this is the second time I have done this procedure with the exact same results and in between the tub was behaving normally it seems unlikely. Unfortunately no local hot tub companies carry Sodium Bromide, so I can't quickly test my theory of bad product. This procedure is great just frustrating that I can't seem to get the start-up Bromide reaction I'm supposed to get. Would having an ozone device make any difference? As It does have one installed. Thanks again for the attention! Michael
  9. Really on a fresh fill?... Ewww. Its only my third fill bought new and its barely used (4-5 times a month) and has always been sanitized well. That is except for these past two start up periods... Why do I want to raise my Borates?
  10. Thanks Waterbear, Ugghh you mean do my own research to get the re-agent numbers... Ok, I feel better about using bleach. Though when I made the chemical purchases to switch over to this system I bought 3 bottles of the Oxy Spa... Hey its online and cheaper to buy in larger quantity. I do use other household chemicals like borax, baking soda, etc. I also bought a pail of Boric acid but can't remember what it was used for Hoping another shock does the trick otherwise I'll have to suspect that the bromine booster is a dud. Cheers, Michael
  11. Thanks for the reply! The OTO test measured it at about 4.5 using the multiplier, go figure... Just to eliminate another variable. Could anyone tell me what agents I would need to mimic the FAS-DPD bromine test in the K2106. I'll order those and give it a try. I'm going to shock again later to see what happens I think I have another brand of shock that I could try. I don't have any bleach here right now. Plus I'm not entirely comfortable using something not specifically designed to go into a spa. I just would never know what else is in a bottle of laundry bleach. Thanks, Michael
  12. ARe you doing 2 step or 3 step bromine? How are you testing the water? If you are using strips or DPD then bleachout is a possibility also. Hi Waterbear, I'm using your well detailed process. Which I suspect is a 3 step system... I'm testing with a Taylor C-K2005 I also have a a cheaper kit for chlorine that I used. I suspect that I'm supposed to see a spike to at least 10 ppm after shocking right? Does this happen immediately? I tested again this morning (shocked last night and its still about 1 ppm... weird. Maybe my chemicals are bad... I could be wrong but I suspect its not bleaching out. Thanks! Michael
  13. Hello Folks, Happy Halloween! So this is my second fill with this Bromine system and once again I did not get the reaction when shocking with the MPS shock. I have a 235 gal tub (the fill amount) I added -1.25 oz by weight of Spa Choice Bromine Booster -.7 oz by weight Spa Depot MPS Shock Barely got up to 1 ppm total bromine... Can this indeed work with the MPS shock? Anyone else out there using MPS instead of chlorine to shock?... Thanks, Michael
  14. Thanks again Waterbear, I confirmed with the manufacturer and you are indeed correct, apparently the typical fill is about 230gal. I will keep that in mind for next time. I happen to have an OTO for Chlorine and ran the test. I have a hard time reading those yellow colours but seems to me to be about a 1.5 on the CL scale so that would still only make it 3.375 which the DPD test should be able to handle... Since the scale goes to 10. Its not off scale at all though. For sure a light yellow colour. I just ran the DPD test again as well and still a light pink which would put it at about a 1. Both my strip tests seem to confirm the 1ppm reading as well. They sell a liquid Calcium Chloride as well this is the powder form which according to their website is 100% Calcium Chloride... Not sure what my next steps should be here. If indeed my spa is only 230gal then I have added more than enough Bromine booster and MPS... OK I wonder if the Taylor kit is broken. I used the OTO kit to test PH and it seems to be about 7.6 on the nose. I retested with the Taylor kit and PH seems to be an 8.0 maybe slightly under now... My strips indicate about a 7.6 - 7.8 range as well... Bromine still around a 1-2ppm. Mike
  15. Hi Waterbear, Ok answers: I am using a Taylor CK-2005. Bromine is tested using a DPD test. Measured it this morning at 1 ppm still after having the puck in overnight. Sodium Bromide is called Spa Choice - Bromine Booster, in powder form and is apparently close to 100% Sodium Bromide. I have not tried adding more MPS but can do that this morning. the MPS is Spa Depot's Oxy-Spa and is 42.8% Potassium Peroxymonosulfate, 57.2% Inert, 4.3% Active Oxygen. All ingredients added by weight with a very accurate scale. I am assuming elemental bromine is a bad thing? According to the Pool Calculator I added 5.6 oz of baking soda to raise TA (took it to 140 ppm) and 4 oz of Calcium Chloride (took it to 110-120 ppm, Pool calculator said to add 4.9 but judging on how it over did the baking soda requirement I lowered the amount a tad.) to raise hardness. This according to the Pool Calculator. I don't know what type of calcium it is. It is also Spa Choice - Increase Calcium and is apparently 100% Calcium Chloride. Numbers as of this morning: Total Bromine: 1 ppm TA: 70 ppm PH: has gone way up and appears to be past the highest scale on my unit of 8 ppm CH: 130ppm The spa is a Sundance Denali and apparently has a fill capacity of 298 gal. Thanks so much! Mike
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