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  1. The watchdog error on this tub is usually a result of inadequate water flow through the heater circuit. It needs about 10 to 12 GPM. If it ran fine with the heater disconnected, I doubt you have a bad sensor. John So do you think the heater element might be restricting the flow, maybe corrosion or something?
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum and was hoping someone could help me out. I just bought a used Caldera Spa Kauai. I had an electrician hook it up, and it fired up on the first try. The jets turned on and I set the temp to 104. After about 10 mins, the spa shut off and started blinking 4 dashed lines. The manual indicated that this means there is a high limit sensor issue and to turn off power and restart after 30 seconds. I did this and the dashing lines came back on and the jets would no longer work. I then turned off power and disconnected the heater at the circuit board. Turned the spa back on and the jets were running and the water was circulating. I then reconnected the heater and the TEMP indicator began to flash. I adjusted the pressure switch and the heater kicked on and the water appeared to be cirulating. Everything seemed to be ok, but then the spa shut off again after about 10 mins and the 4 flashing lines showed up again indicating a high limit sensor issue. I am lost at this point. Could the heater be bad or the high limit switch? Any help is appreciated.
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