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  1. Help! Hs Price Advise Needed!

    That doesn't sound too bad. I think I was quoted $8500 with out the Spadio which I believe retails for $2000. Maybe since you really don't want the Spadio he will come down another $500 worth the try anyway. What part of the country are you in?
  2. I am considering either the Hot Spring Envoy or the Sundance Cameo. Wondering what a good price on each of these would be and which people prefer. Any feedback appreciated
  3. WOW! What an awesome job. How much was the crane?
  4. I Gotta Sell My Hotsprings

    Wow, I wish you were in California we could certainly have made a deal. I am in the market for a spa and would love to get a good deal and give someone a good deal at the same time
  5. I know someone that sells Hot Springs Spas in Boise. His name is John Broderick and he is honest as the day is long. I know that if you go in to see him he will be informative and give you the best price possible. He started out in the service end so he really knows his stuff. Please let him know that Elise from California sent you.
  6. Sundance Optima Vs Hot Springs Grandee

    What part of the country do you live in? I work for a dealer that sells both in Los Angeles. Both are great spas and you won't go wrong with either one. The Optima is a square spa and the Grandee is a little bit more rectangular I believe and a little larger. Their filtration systems are different but both excellent. Some like the waterfall on the Optima better. They are the two top brands so again it is a matter of preference. The Grandee has the moto massage which a lot of people just love. I would recommend if possible trying them both out with water and seeing which feels better to you. ELise
  7. Hot Springs Pricing

    I don't think all dealers quote on the high end and expect to haggle. I know the store I work for in Los Angeles cuts all of that out. We never pretend to sell at the MSRP, we have our regular price and a sale price after that we are fairly firm on the price. We value our time and our customers and don't feel it is respectful to play games. Wish you on the west coast would love to help you out. I think you will be very happy with the accolade. Elise
  8. If you check consumer reports I think you will find that the sundance has the best rating. If you are looking for an open spa check out the maxxus!
  9. the price you got was a very fair price although we sell the optima and the cameo for the same price if they have the same extras. Are you sure Ed and Heidi got the stereo? The retail on the stereo is I believe $1,000. Ellise
  10. Sundance Cameo Question

    If that is with tax it is a great deal without tax still a super deal. I am located in Los Angeles and have been selling the Sundance since September. All of the above that the dealer told you is on the up and up. It is a great tub, you will be really happy with it! Enjoy, E
  11. Dynasty

    How big is the hot tub? If it is more than a 2 seater for that price I would be leary. Thing that are less expensive on the front end cost more in the long run. I would do some searches on google and see if you can find any comments from past customers regarding the longevity, service etc. If you spend that much money and it only last 4-5 years it could be a costly mistake. If you spend a few more thousand which I know seems like a ton of $ on the front end it may save you in the long run. Again, if it is a small tub it may not be a problem. Good luck
  12. Help On Selecting A Spa

    My vote would be for the hotspring Sovereign. You are going to find that it has a better filtration system, better insulation and the ease of use can not be beat. Even though it will cost you more on the frontside it will cost less because of maintenance in the life of the spa. Spas are generally delivered on their side so as long as you have around 38" or so you should be fine. Good luck
  13. Price On Sundance Caprio

    Sounds like a very fair quote. Let me know how you make out, Almost sounds to good to be true
  14. Differences are in the jets, jet design, filtration system, insulation, hardiness of the shell. You will find that the less expensive brands just put in a gazillion jets to try to impress the consumer or very few jets to save $. The better brands strategically put the jets in to act as a sort of accupressure. It is well worth the $ to buy a good one such as Sundance or Hot springs you will be much happier in the long run. Elise