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  1. Mine lasts about a month and it says do not squeeze or ring out. It does not mention anything about rinsing, but then it wouldn't since they want you to keep buying new ones. When my new one stops working I'll try rinsing it. Thanks
  2. Hi, I've had my spa since the summer, about 7 months now, and we've found those sponge things seem to work at keeping the foam from building up. They last about a month or so. The problem is they're expensive and look very suspiciously like a cheap sponge covered in some type of mesh. Anyone know how to make one of these, or something similar, for less than $15 a pop? Thanks, and I apologize if this was covered before, but this board is not very conducive to doing searches (20 sec wait between searches - flood control.) -J EDIT: I just took another look (and feel) at it and it's clearly not a cheap sponge inside a mesh, but maybe someone knows what type of material it actually is in there, or whether there's something else that can do the same job of absorbing oils and gunk from my spa water. Thanks
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