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  1. thanks for the comments. The sound does not seem to be an installation vibration, but a high pitched pulsating sound from the motor. Not very loud at all, but annoying. The installer replaced the motor for us, but still the same sound. So i'm guessing its inherent in the pump or motor construction or design.
  2. Our florida inground pool is just finished, and the 1.5 hp Sta-rite Max-e-pro pump on a concrete pad is running fine. But it has a annoying pulsating beep, that, while not very loud, is quite noticable, perhaps 3 or 4 beeps per second. Standing at certain angles from the pump, you cannot even hear it. Is this normal? Installer has warned us that it will be difficult to make a warranty claim because the pump is basically working ok. Because it's agasinst our bedroom wall, it is very annoying when pump runs at night. Anybody else have this experience? Ideas?
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