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  1. Absolutely Jim I will be around!! Thanks
  2. Hello once again I bought the tub and got all the wiring and secondary ufgci(?) breaker box also drained it, loaded it, brought it home, got it up and running about 1 1/2 weeks later been it EVERY night since! LOVE IT!!!!!! I thought that the loungers would be the only places used by the wife and myself, boy was I wrong, I find ourselves just rotating around the tub because each station does something completely differn't Thank you much to the board for guiding me to make a super good investment!!
  3. I debated the same thing and did the cost comparison and this is what I came up with; The cost (at least here) for a pre-poured pad (not delivered) 8' X 8' was $362.00 I bought the 2 X 6's and 2 X 4's and screws for $63.00 built the form about 2.5 hours and a 12 pack later I was ready for concrete, next morning I paid $118 for 1.25 yards of concrete and about another hour later I was ready for 5 days to be gone so I could set the tub, 5 days later I set the tub and filled it and about 7 hours later I was soaking! My situation was to pour my own pad. Good luck!
  4. Thanks People I think I will attempt to go buy it Sunday, I had a good idea about the pad and electrical, It is the deck that will be the expense and painstaking labor to surround the tub. Thanks again, I truly appreciate it, I figured Deminsion One was a decent tub to go with.
  5. She told I can wet test it, Which I asked and she said no problem. She also sent us pictures of it operantional and with the jets off, seems to be 100% upfront, and I deal with the public everyday, so I have an idea of how alot are dishonest. Does anyone know about the Ozanator bulb?
  6. I have been lurking around here for a little while and READING ALOT, I have the chance to buy a 3 year old Dimension One Diplomat that is Gray outside and white inside, looks like it is in very good condition for $2500, I do not have much money, and not 100% that a hot tub will help my back much, but it is worth a shot, do you all think that it is a decent deal, I have read most people here think that Deminsion One is a good spa, I live in Central Missouri and probably use it 3-5 times a week, and will be outside, OH it needs a Ozanator Bulb, can anyone tell me anything about them?? Thanks a ton for your help!!!
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