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  1. hi thanks for all your replies, there are some yellow wings and micro size insects in pool, can they be the reason for alergy and rash?
  2. hi all, yesterday after swimming in pool i felt itching on my arms and legs now its like rashes and painful to, what is the reason for it?i have cleaned my pool a week ago!
  3. I have a pool, i want to make it clean is there any specific equipments to make my work easier.
  4. Always make sure that the swimming pool water is clean and clear. No one would like to dive into water that is dirty and could be dangerous for their health. Check on a regular basis the level of chemicals in pool water. It assures a healthy and safe environment for the swimmers. Don’t dive into the water at least for an hour if you have modified the chemical balance of the pool. Keep in mind that the chemicals of a swimming pool should not be mixed with other chemicals, as it could result in fire or in an explosion. Since the pool is not used during the winter time, there are certain steps
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