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  1. Hi folks, Great that so many are being helpful with suggestions. Also nice that they are all the same suggestion (shocking w chlorine), which keeps a novice like me from having to wonder about which suggestion is the right one. However, if all these really elementary suggestions to shock are correct, why can't my local pool company in business almost 50 years offer me the same solution? That's what worries me. I don't know how smart they are, but I figure they've faced by now nearly every conceivable problem in pool management and maintenance, yet they had no answer for me on this issue. Of course, I shouldn't ask you folks why they don't know this, I guess I'll have to ask them. Thanks again for all the great generous suggestions. Best, -- Josh
  2. Hi folks, I just moved into a house with a small indoor pool. The water is well-water, which is good in every way except for a high sulfur content. So I got a Culligan oxidizer/filter system which has made the household tap water perfect. BUT, the pool was obviously filled many many years ago with tap water from the well. The pool water is still quite sulfur-smelling. I talked to my local pool supply/support company about draining it and refilling it, but they advise against doing so because of the risk of water seeping in from the ground behind the liner while the pool is relatively empty during draining and refilling process. So that leaves me with a pool full of sulfur-y water. Pool supply folks have no further ideas about how to get the sulfur out. Any ideas here? Perhaps some sort of float equipped with an absorptive chemical or perhaps with a catalyst? Or just a special filter or something? -- Josh
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