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  1. 83 views and not a single suggestion? Cheers. Everyone has to start somewhere surely?
  2. Hello all. I've recently bought a property in Australia with a back yard pool. It's about 100,000 litres, concrete and in the ground. It has an Emaux V650 top mount sand filter and an Onga PPP750 pump. I just don't know where to start. I'm sure there's maintenance to be done, chemicals required, filters to be cleaned etc. I guess my first search will be for manuals for the pump and filter - but if anyone has a link for 'how to care for your pool' I'd be grateful. Cheers, Alex
  3. @waterbear - thanks. Do you know how much I need to add? @quantumwhatever - which are?
  4. Hello. Have just installed a paddling pool to drink beer in over the southern hemishere summer. It holds about three and a half tons of water and has a pump that will run a third of that per hour. I have no chemicals in it currently. I'm not overly concerned about longeivity of the pool or pump, it's getting thrown out in a month. I was thinking of just chucking in a couple of kilogrammes of salt and leaving the pump running 24/7, hopefully to keep the mozzies out. Any thoughts? Cheers, Alex
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