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  1. thanks for the replies - i met with a pool firm yesterday and they are in fact recommending an in-floor cleaning system. . This would feed the heat (from a heat pump) in from the bottom and they claim is an efficient way of heating the pool. only concern I have is that this means little pop-up devices around the pool which presumably could get broken. I'll let someone else be the guinea pig with in-floor heating, I still reckon with a good insulation beneath the concrete this could work! The pool will be a freeform of 9m by 5m, I have an indoor endless pool in my uk home and I will probably
  2. I will look into the variable pump idea. After you mentioned in floor heating i did another search using that term and found the following link. http://www.concordpools.com/news/42-radiantly-warm-swimming btw thanks for the replies! it's late here so I'm signing off...
  3. the heat pump has to circulate the fluid to the heat exchanger anyway so I don't see a big difference in terms of efficiency. how would you use a variable speed pump? would you by pass the filter at certain times so there is less load on the pump?
  4. hi - I am building an in ground pool in France and I need to heat it otherwise I only get 3 months per year use. Most installers recommend heat pumps with a heat exchanger but the issue I have is that in order to heat the pool the filter needs to be running. Has anyone ever tried underfloor heating for a pool? Heat pumps appear to be best just running non stop so I can't see why this would not work. The pool is going to have a flat bottom so should be ok for circulation of the underfloor heating. I figure that the heated water would rise creating a flow even without the filter, but I am no
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