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  1. Deep Water Therapy Pools

    I agree with footie the jets would be great for you if you are having a lot of problems. With jets on the HydroWorx pool they can be used for balance resistance exercises and swimming. And in you are having a lot a shoulder pain the massage hose is great. I have used it before. Plus the added benefit of the treadmill in the therapy pool was always a huge plus for me. Hope this helps you.
  2. Deep Water Therapy Pools

    You can check out HydroWorx therapy pools. They have all different sizes of pools and the option for a deep well that is 7 feet deep. The other great thing about HydroWorx pools is that they come standard with a 3x5 intergraded treadmill in the pool along with swim spa jets and massage therapy hoses. They are great pools with all different sizes and styles to fit any needs. www.hydroworx.com