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  1. Thanks for your help. I have not figured out how to post pictures yet but will work on it. I'm not sure you can tell much from the corner picture. When we lowered the water below the return line to close the pool I could not push the liner back in the corner enough to touch the side of the pool. We were closing at night and the light shows much more. There are some wrinkles. Will post that. Also in one section there were what looked like tiny bubbles (like pin holes) in approximately 5 inch strips. Maybe about 4 or 5 areas. When I brushed over them with the pool brush more bubbles came to the surface. Not sure what that means. Anyone experience this. It was just in one section of the pool. Thanks again.
  2. Hello! We just had our inground vinyl liner replaced. The other one was nearly ten year old and tore badly at the corners. We went back to the manufacturer who thought our tears were a result of improper measuring in the corners.They said this after we sent them a picture. Our corners are not square but are diagonals. Another local company came and did the measuring and just installed a new liner(from the original manufacturer) this week knowing about the corner problem. I just noticed that on all the corners the liner is away from the wall about 3 inches above the water level and about an inch below. The last liner seemed flush with the wall and I am afraid we are going to have even more problems with this one. I just talked to the installer on the phone and he said we have tricky corners and that you can expect that. He said he would come and look at it but I get the feeling he is going to say it is okay. Seems like it would be very easy for the liner to tear with no support behind it. The liner has just been in for three days and was installed in cloudy 60 degree weather. Will it stretch out next summer. Does it sound like we are likely to have problems. Any suggestions on how to resolve this. We spent about $2700 for this new liner. I don't want to have to replace it soon. Am I being unreasonable? Thanks for your help.
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