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  1. Great! Sounds like the going rate for retail, then. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks for the replies! I have been looking on Craig's List, too. I like that the Hot Springs guy has gone over the Jetsetter, and it's the perfect size for us. But, you are right, the delivery is extra. This will be our first tub, we have been looking at new ones,too. I guess the bottom line for me is whether I would still be ahead of the game even if I had to start replacing stuff (as opposed to buying new.) I should probably price the replacement costs for jets, pumps and heater. Just hope it doesn't end up a money pit!
  3. Hey all! My local Hot Springs dealer has a 1994 Jetsetter for sale for $1500. He was initially asking $1900. I was excited about it at first, but now I am having second thoughts. He has checked it all out, put it up on blocks to check for leaks, ran it for at least 5 full cycles (that's what I was told,) and it comes with a 90 full warranty. He also freshly stained the cabinet, and put a brand-new cover on it. Assuming he has not done any more work to it, (which I intend to find out,) does this seem totally out of the ballpark? A 16 year old tub will surely start needing new jets, motor, or
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