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  1. I need to get my water balanced. I did the spa flush treatment and refilled the tub. I have well water, so I used a RV inline filter to fill. It is a 450 gallon tub. I've added metal gone stuff (don't know if I have metal or not). I also added the brom start. I tested the water, and here is what I have; 67 degrees at test TA = 160 CH = 100 PH = 7.1 Didn't test for bromine. Is there a particular order I should use in adjusting these? I think I need to bring the TA down. From what I've read here, I need to add some acid - but I don't know what kind or where the best place to get it is. What do I need to add and how much.
  2. Ok, here is what I got. Some results expected, some surprised me. The test was two days after I added chemicals (First chance I got). I ran the pumps 10 minutes, then turned them off before testing. TA went from 50 to 80 after adding 2.5 oz Baking Soda. ( Folks on here seem to think 80 is ok, but my tub manual says it should be 80 to 140 - why the difference?) CH went from 110 to 150 after addding 6 tbs CH Increaser. (I followed directions on bottle.) Water is still foaming when jets are on full blast. TB went from 1 to 11.5. This was surprising. All I did was add 1 tablet to the floater because the 2 in it were almost disolved. Floater is turned to lowest setting. I also added 2 tbs Non-chlorine oxidizer after using the tub one night. Any ideas what caused the spike? (Have I seen other folks saying they use regular clorine to shock? If so, how much and how often should I use it? It would be much cheaper than NC-O.) PH went from 7.2 to 8.0. 2 drops of R0005 got it down to 7.4. I did not add any PH increaser - only the aforementioned Baking Soda.
  3. After the previous results (TA-50, CH-100, TB-apparently 0, PH-7.4) I added 1oz baking soda, 3 oz non-C oxidizer, and 3 bromine tabs. This is what I got with today's test; Temp 103 volumn 450 TA 50 CH 110 TB 1 PH 7.2 (1 drop demand base to 7.5) If I have the wheel figured out the SI is -.8, and I don't think that's good. I have been having foam so I want to raise the CH. It looks like I need to raise TB and PH, and possibly TA. I have not figured out how the pool calulator works yet, so what do I need to add and how much to get the water balanced? Thanks
  4. You can use The Pool Calculator and see that to raise CH from 100 to 150 ppm in 450 gallons would take 3.3 ounces weight (2.7 ounces volume) of calcium chloride (anhydrous) or 4.4 ounces weight (5.1 ounces volume) calcium chloride dihydrate. In general, it's best to add half the amount and remeasure, especially when using volumes since density of product can vary. If you aren't experiencing any foaming, then I'd just leave the CH where it is at 100 ppm. I have been experiencing foaming, so I do want to raise the CH. What is the best source of calcium chloride? New test results posted below.
  5. Ok, I'm new to this, so if I want to raise the CH in a 450 gallon tub what do I add and how much?
  6. My Aquacheck digital strip reader showed high bromine about a week ago, so I took out the bromine float. I did not use the tub or add any chemicals since then, in anticipation of getting my Taylor kit. I just now added 1 oz baking soda and 3 oz non-chlorine oxidizer,and I put my bromine float back in with 3 tabs. I will run a full test tomorrow and see what I get. If the CH continues to show 100, should I try to raise that. And if so, how? Thanks
  7. Yikes! It is very unusual to require that many dippers of R-0870 to turn pink. Did you find that when you added the powder it flashed pink briefly but then went clear so that's why you kept adding more? I suspect that even with 6 dippers it was still getting bleached out -- you would need to add enough to have it stay pink/red. But then it would likely take a lot of R-0872. Basically, it sounds like your bromine level is extraordinarily high. I'd hate you to waste so much DPD powder and titrant drops trying to measure this. Why don't you try diluting the water with distilled/filtered water -- dilute 5:1 -- and then see if that gives you a more logical result, turning pink/red after one scoop and staying there allowing you to add titrant drops. Then just multiply by your dilution amount so if you have 5 parts distilled/filtered water to one part spa water then multiply your result by 6. It did flash pink, but quickly went back to clear until I added the 6th dip. After that is was lightly pink until I added 1 drop R0872. So, today I tried the diluted method. I used 5ml spa water and 20 ml distilled water. 4 dips did not turn it pink. I quit there because that just don't seem right. The water is cloudy today and smells kinda fishy. (Yesterday it was clear until I turned on the pumps.) Is it possible there is not enough bromine? Or, is it possible the reagent is bad? The powder does not disolve in the water very easily. I have to shake it vigorously to get it to disolve. Is that normal?
  8. Ok, sorry for the rant. Thanks for your patience with me. When that kit came in I had just worked 34 hours in two days with very little sleep. Obviously I haven't had much time to enjoy the tub lately. Here are the results of my first test. I have not used the tub in about a week, and haven't added anything to it. When I did the TA test, it turned clear in 4 drops - red after 5 drops. (50 ppm) With CH the solution turned red, then purple after 9 drops - blue after 10 drops. (100ppm) Bromine - 6 dippers R0870 to turn pink, 1 drop R0872 to clear PH was 7.4, 1 drop R0006 raised it to 7.6 Temperature is 104 Last time I used the tub a strip test showed the bromine level very high, so I remove the bromine tabs while waiting for the kit to come in. I would appreciate your suggestions to get the water balanced. Thanks
  9. Got the kit today. My thoughts are not suitable for posting. I got the tub to reduce stress, not create it. The book that comes with it is written for a chemistry major. The instructions on the lid show over 20 steps required to test (More like 40 if you count each drop and swirl). I have better things to do with my time. I have a kit for sale - never used.
  10. You have got to be kidding me! I just got the kit and tried to read the book. You must be a chemistry major.
  11. Apparently Fed Ex lost my order. Another one was shipped Friday, so I guess I'll wait another week.
  12. Once you get your kit post a full set of results in this thread (don't start a new one) and we can help you from there. Will do, thanks. I hope it will come in Monday. Well, it supposedly shipped last week, but hasn't come in. Still waiting.
  13. Once you get your kit post a full set of results in this thread (don't start a new one) and we can help you from there. Will do, thanks. I hope it will come in Monday.
  14. Ok, I've ordered a Taylor test kit. I hope this gets simpler, because right now I'm thinking Coy pond.
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