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  1. Whilst I can't enforce it, I ask that all friends who use our tub to shower before they visit. We, including the kids, make sure we are "fresh" before we get in....
  2. We have an arbour over our tub and I have had some panels made from the material used to make sail covers. Lots of colours to choose from, attached to the Arbour with shockcord and eyelets in the panels. Waterproof and the material has a 15 year guarentee. Excellent for both privacy and wind protection. Source through a local sailmaker.
  3. Although I'm no spa expert, and cannot comment on the merits of the solution, I have been caught out this way before on other projects. I would buy new wood and make one end 4" amd the other end 3". That way you allow for you pitch and can still get the gravel in. It will also allow you some depth to compact the gravel if needed, improving the overall support. My hotspring install instructions included details on the load points on the underside of the tub. If you can source it, your manufacturers documentation might do the same.
  4. The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to let it go and talk about compensation. I don't tend use the water feature and if I do, its not on Green or yellow. I guess having spent so much on the tub in the first place I really want it working as it should. I suspect I'll talk the the dealer and come to an arrangement!
  5. Its funny they didn't give the option of tipping the spa up and going through the foam from the bottom to facilitate the repair? Seems this would be an easy fix also? Funny, I did think that but assumed there was a good reason. Thanks for your feedback both.
  6. I reported a fault with the green LED in the water feature on my 2010 Sovereign to the dealer last week. They attended today and have confirmed that the fault is with the LED rather than any control. The rub is that the LED is not in the water feature but about 12" down inside the cabinet and access is difficult. They have given me 3 options: 1: Do nothing - not really an option to be honest; 2: Cut a small access hole in the side, effect the repair and replace the cutover with new "Everwood" or; 3: Take the whole side off the spa and effect the repair replacing the side of the spa in it's entirity. The tub is less than a year old and not fixing it is not really an option. The small panel with look rubbish so the solution is to replace the whole side (if thats what I understood his option to be over the phone). The dealer, who is first class, is happy to do what I want. So, my questions are: 1: Is taking the side off the spa a big issue? 2: Will the repair compromise the structure of the tub (am I setting myself up for a lifetime of related issues)? 3: Are the Everwood panels secured from the inside (will I end up with a row of screws in the replaced panels)? 4: The tub is outside but the side to be replaced doesn't get significant direct sunlight, will the replaced panels show up significantly?
  7. Yes it looks the same. It is installed outdoors. Andy
  8. Hi I have a Hotspring Sovereign 2010. We got it in August last year. Generally, I use it on my own, or with my wife. The children use it with us occasionally. We have also had 4 adults in it and it doesn't feel crowded. I find it perfect and am very happy with it. We didn't consider anything smaller and wouldn't now. If I made the choice again, I would still pick the same one. Andy
  9. I found I was putting quite alot in until I started lifting the cover from both sides and allowing the condensation on the underside to drain back in to the tub, before opening it normally. This has halved the amount I need to top up.
  10. Love it. Towels go in a spa side box to keep them dry. I'm in my first winter of spa ownership and it's the best. Very theraputic.
  11. I'm having a tough time understanding where the frozen water is. Is it icycles hanging from the cover skirt? Can you take a photo? Roger, It's directly under the top layer of vinyl, water has seeped through the cover stitching. It's not icycles! Thanks anyway
  12. I Have a 3 mth old Hotspring Sovereign. We are in the middle of the first cold snap of the winter (nothing by US standards, but still cold. I noticed yesterday that there is frozen water under the vinyl cover. Its around the top seam and extends about 3" from the seam. I've been studiously applying 303 protectant as recommended and I'm reasonably sure the water hasn't got into the insulation. Is this normal? Andy
  13. Whoa.... My head hurts! Chemtexx, have you managed to get rid of the smell yet?
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