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  1. I have received mixed information on whether or not I could convert to a Salt Water Pool. I have been told that it is not recommended with a Gunite Pool. Any input would be appreciated. If it matters, I live in the northeast and winterize the pool in late September and usually re-open in late April. Thanks
  2. A tub with a non-stabilized .5ppm reading for FC is actually much higher than a tub that is CYA stabilized and has an FC reading of the same value. I think that a .5 non-stabilized reading falls pretty close to the target range of 3-5ppm for a stabilized tub. However, I have seen more consistency and less fluctuation using dichlor to maintain at least some CYA reserve. After adding dichlor slowly to get a reserve (my Grandee likes the 10-15ppm CYA reserve range), your FC should climb up into the 3-5ppm range and stay there. Congrats on the Vanguard BTW! How are you enjoying it? Thanks. The Vanguard is great.
  3. My ACE System has been up and running for about a week. I have a Vanguard, Set Spa Size to 6 and Usage to 4. One or two people use the spa daily for 20 minutes. The ozonator is functioning as well. My FC level has been ranging between 0 and .5. Do I need to add dichlor to give it a boost? The water is crystal clear. Suggestions?
  4. Well it has been several days and my Vanguard has been maintaining temperature. Glad my unit does not have the problem after all.
  5. I used the tub last night around 8pm. At that time the set temp was 99 and the actual temp was 101. Used the tub for about 35 minutes. Temp dropped to about 99-100 during the use. Cover has been on all night and when I woke up this morning at 6am, the green light was on - indicating that the actual temp was within 2 degrees of set temp. It is 11:30am now and the green light is on and has been every time I checked it since I woke up. I am wondering if there were other factors which caused the tub to "overheat" yesterday. I did have the ACE system installed, the installer had the tub off for 20 minutes, dropped the water level an inch or two and then added more (cold) water back into the tub. So, I am just thinking that there may have been other circumstances that caused it to "overheat." Rather than replace what may not be broken, I will watch it and if it happens again, then I will have it serviced.
  6. Since last night the green light has been on the hot tub. Temperature seems to be within 2 degrees of set temperature. I will continue to monitor it.
  7. Spawn - I am not going to entertain the silver ion cartridge. You may be right, the ozonator may have little or no benficial impact; but you may also be wrong. If I am right, then I get the added benefit of superior sanitation. If you are right, then I might waste $300 to $600 over the life of the tub. Looking at the entire investment, the $600 extra is a rounding error.
  8. I always love conspiracy theories. I doubt this comes into play here but its always good to consider all possibilities and sometimes the conspiracies end up being true (we all know the moon landings were staged in an airport hanger, there really is a face on the moon left over by aliens who visited there years ago and Elvis is alive and kicking). An ozonator should have little effect on filters though. My theory would be that new spa owners get an ozonator included in their spa then get the chlorine generator added but wondered why they have an ozonator that they paid for but its not being used (yeah it was "included" but we all know its not free but is erally just factored into the price so in reality the customer paid for it and most people understand that). Its easier to tell them to go ahead and use it. This makes people feel better when all their paid for equipment is in use and I doubt it use/non-use would be a factor either way in most cases. No I don't think there is a conspiracy but maybe your scenario is not far from the truth. Buyers order tubs with $300 ozonators and learn that they should not be used with the ACE system. Perhaps some ask for a $300 credit when the ozonator is removed - the dealers don't like to do that so... Now the dealers are leaving the ozonator in the tub and connected. Maybe it goes against what Hot Springs determined during their R&D period but now they change the story and the dealers don't have to address the issue. The devil's advocate could argue the points I made earlier. There is no question that leaving the ozonator in the tub and connected will mean more $ for the dealer in the long run. Some would say that this is consistnet with other decisions made in the design of Hot Spring spas seem to favor dealer revenue over user value. Your point is well taken, however, my position is as follows: Since the oznonator kills bacteria, I prefer to run it with the ACE system. Maybe that will result in higher operating costs over the long term, but it also will likely minimize the number of water problems I have. For me, it is a matter of convenience versus cost. I believe that the ozonator and ACE system together will purify the water in a superior manner as compared to just the ACE system. Think about it. The reason the ozone systems were incorporated into spas was to offer a higher level of sanitation while reducing chemical usage. I have to believe that the water will be cleaner and better sanitized with the ozonator and ACE system operating in unison. Even if I get an extra month or two between water changes, that will save me time over the ownership period of the spa. For me it is about convenience.
  9. Tubber - What part exactly is it that they are changing? When is your service call scheduled? The tech person at my dealer was fairly insistent that I did not have a problem. All i can say is that the green light has not been on the tub all day. First full day we have had this problem. Seems to me that the control panel should have an adjustment for this sort of thing. Honestly seems very odd that it doesn't.
  10. I may be having the temperature problem with my Vanguard which was installed on 10/29. Set temp is 99, but actual temp is 102. Green light is off. Called my dealer and he had no clue and was dismissive of the problem. Spoke to CSR at Watkins who said it may very well be a problem that needs repair. She suggested I wait and see if the temp continues to creep up. I will keep you all posted.
  11. You are taking it out of context. To my knowledge, Watkins did not say that the salt system will not work with the ozonator, their previous position was that the ozonator was not necessary with the ACE System. Now that the ACE system has been in the field for over a year, Watkins is now able to utilize actual experience and has determined that there is perhaps an added benefit to leaving the ozonator functioning with the ACE system. The only potential downside I see with running both systems, as another poster previously indicated, is that the ozone could oxidize chlorine to chlorate which increases chlorine demand, however, this should only bee seen in tubs that don't get much use.
  12. Finally got my Vanguard delivered on Friday. It is absolutely fabulous. We love it. Highly recommend it!
  13. You know that the panel comes with the tub, right? My panel is not manufactured by GE, it is manufactured by Cutler-Hammer Eaton
  14. UPDATE - 11/2/10 My Vanguard was delivered last Friday. So far we love it. The ACE system is being installed tomorrow. I spoke to a service representative at Watkins this morning and she informed me that they recently had a meeting and are now advising that the Ozonator can remain connected to the tub and operational with the ACE system. I am going to ask the tech to leave the ozonator functioning with the ACE system. If problems develop (which I dont anticipate), I can always disconnect the ozonator. Hope this information helps.
  15. Those of you who have purchased below 9k (before tax), what part of the Country are you in? There are two dealers, both approximatley 1 hour away. One dealer was at 11,500 and would not budge. The other, after showing him posts from this forum, came down. He said his overhead, rent, etc, prohibit him from being that aggressive with his pricing.
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