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  1.   Every spa they have filled for wet testing was new at one time so I'm not sure what that meant. The fact that you floated out of the one spa you tested there emphasizes that you need to wet test so let them know that's a deal breaker. No, the salt isn't making you float. There are many other options out there including the Sundance you tested as well as Caldera, D1, Hot Spring... so look at all your options.
  2. Need fixing? Not if everything is fine otherwise but if they say its a simple fix go for it, ozone helps.
  3. The thing to watch for is how the tubing lasts in a chlorine (or bromine) environment as opposed to a beer environment lol. The tubing material used is specific for the spa water so I would suspect that it will harden and stop moving up and down prematurely but I guess that's what we'll have to see and if it does its not like its a big loss for you. Extra points for ingenuity!
  4. This is a good idea so follow through with the kit but take it off before the weather gets too hot, don't wait for that compartment heat to cause an overheating problem when summer hits and then take it off.
  5. None that I know of but maybe the point got lost because that wasn't a meant as a veiled shot at someone else. It was meant to say just because spas are built in California doesn't mean they're not designed and built for cold weather. You can build hot tubs, winter coats, snow plows ... in a warm weather climate. Its about the design, materials, attention to detail in building it, testing, etc. that makes a good _______ , not the temperature outside of the building where they are made.
  6. I wonder who has more cold weather engineers Watkins or Arctic? Watkins understands its spas go world wide to places that are super cold and engineers its spas for cold weather and in fact for all climates. It employs degreed Engineers with technical backgrounds, not guys who hang out at the beach and make hot tubs on the side. Energy efficiency never takes a back seat and its part of what has made the company what it is.
  7. The Vacanza series from Caldera are very good value and quality. I think you'll like the power of the Vanto if you wet test it. $6500 is a good price and gives you a lot of spa for that price.
  8. The no bypass system works great if you fully understand it but I sometimes see things said which are just not accurate. The circ loop is not totally closed by design. The spa is setup so a small amount of water in the plumbing lines goes through the circ line and since it runs 24/7 there is no stagnant water in the other lines. Its not common for the heater to kick out but as with all spas, you need to clean the filters to that can happen and it is not more likely with HS. The good news is the heater is on its own breaker so if it ever does kick out the pumps still run so for cold weather areas its a very smart setup to avoid freeze issues.
  9. Its sad when any salesman doesn't sell on the merits of his/her own product like that. Hot spring wouldn't be where it is today if he was accurate but obviously he is way off base. Glad to see you are wet testing because not everyone will have the same experience with every model, I love my Grandee and motomassage but everyone will have their own results as you have discovered. The Flair is a big seller for god reason. If you have any questions about it give a shout.
  10. Actually Aquaterra spas are fully foam filled so their insulation is not poor. Not a lot of bells and whistles, no special lighting etc. but they're a good quality spa for those with a budget in the 4k range. The Aquaterra I saw wasn't fully foamed. It had some sprayed on foam but there was a lot of space still inside the cabinet. Not sure what you saw and when but Aquaterra is fully foamed up to the equipment compartment.
  11. Actually Aquaterra spas are fully foam filled so their insulation is not poor. Not a lot of bells and whistles, no special lighting etc. but they're a good quality spa for those with a budget in the 4k range.
  12. I've had a Grandee for 14 years (the same one) and highly recommend it as a large open seated spa that has excellent hydrotherapy and is very energy efficient. With your budget you should factor in the electrical costs as well as they can add up depending on the length of your run. The Grandee will come with the electrical subpanel included BTW. For 2 other options I'd say look at the Caldera Niagara and Sundance Optima since both are open seated as well though they're both a bit smaller in one direction if that matters to you.
  13. You just got 8 years out of the original cover and loved it. See your local Caldera dealer and get another of the same that will fit well and insulate well. There may be cheaper options out there but often they are not the same insulating quality, vinyl quality, vapor barrier quality, fit quality... and will they last that long?
  14. I'm good for about 15 minutes or so. I'd stay in longer but my wife starts to dream up projects she thinks we should do around the house. Last night was a typical night, she got in about 5 minutes before me and stayed about 10 minutes longer than me.
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