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  1. I have good pressure. I bought a rebuild kit. I will post when I pull it apart
  2. I have a Polaris 360 where the single wheel side moves but the dual wheel side does not move. Both wheels on the 2 wheel side do not move. However the wheel on the single side turns. See attached pics. Everything looks good inside from my knowledge
  3. Great, now we all know there is no saltwater filter. How about you now contribute some useful information.
  4. Looking for a new salt water filer. I currently have a 20 year old cracked Hayward DE. My pool is 13Kgal I know my Hayward DE was real good but is it the best still. I am thinking technology must has something different.
  5. Is this normal. In Spa mode only I'm pulling 20 psi. When I put pool and spa I'm pulling 30 psi
  6. cleaner does not come on aqualink rs4 dispkays "cleaner will come on after safety delay" but never starts
  7. I need to drain my pool for repairs (has not ran in over a year). It is an in ground gunite pool. I have a backwash position with a hayward de filter. I am replacing the salt mod, controller as well as the filters. I would like to drain it using the backwash mode. Any tips or tricks to this?
  8. My buddys pool needs a new salt system. There are a lot of options out there. Looking for feedback on Pros & Cons of new systems you could recommend?
  9. I am fighting an algae problem. I am keeping my water chemistry in check. My local pool store is telling me that a lower PH will allow the chlorine to be at a higher level, is that true? Here is what they are telling me. Active Chlorine pH 97% 6.0 91% 6.5 76% 7.0 66% 7.2 50% 7.5 I do not plan on swimming any time soon and it is going to rain all weekend. Can’t I just lower my PH by adding some muriatic acid? Won't this help me fight the algae better? Thanks in advance.
  10. I searched but I could not find this answer. Does algaecide alter the Chlorine Levels? I am fighting an algae problem. I shocked the hell out of the pool and added algaecide. I also have Chlorine tabs in the floater. I tested the water 24hr later and it shows little Chlorine. Does the weather have anything to do with it? It is in the high 70’s and cloudy if that helps.
  11. Update. I cleaned the filter with TSP. Grids look fine except the area where they are collapsed. Put DE back in the pool and we will see what happens. We have had bad storms here and I am fighting a terrible algae bloom. I am dumping bleach in and keeping chlorine level high. Any other ideas? With the algae issue I feel I need to conquer 1st.
  12. Update. I clean the filter with acid. Put DE back in the pool and we will see what happens. Also just another piece of info, a couple of the grids is collapsed on the top. This happened a year ago when the pump went out. I then replaced the pump and all the grids. What do you think is collapsing them again? The original motor lasted 6 years and so did all the grids. ps. the floating feeders are because my salt main logic board went out so I am back to floating feeders. Also Salt Cell was acid socked also
  13. I have a Gunite Pool that is salt with no issues
  14. The picture shows start up 1st thing in the morning. here is also a pic of the equipment
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