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  1. Cool, thanks. It is full now and when I first turned it on it barely had any pressure. I remembered when I first got this pump new I was supposed to fill up the tub and "flood the pump" by loosening the pvc connector on it to let the air out. After this the pump seems to run fine with good pressure and no leaks. Is there something I need to be on the lookout for? Does that mean I dodged a big bullet?? Thanks for your reply.
  2. I drained our hot tub to clean it and left it empty overnight. I automatically runs for an hour a day on a timer...I forgot to turn that off so I think it ran for an hour I am filling it back up now and the pump seems to be running ok. It is not full yet but I turned it on for a second just to check. It is a 2 speed motor and only the low speed would have turned on not the high. Did I screw it up...what do I need to look for? Thanks, Scott
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