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  1. I think the price on the Aria is pretty good. I dont know the prodigy at all though. Do you want a lounger? I personally would look at the Hot Springs Limelight Pulse and a Jacuzzi J365. Both are very similar and priced at $9000 including lifter, steps, chemicals, delivery and set up. Also, if you were going to look at the prodigy, I would go for the Limelight Flair instead which I think you can get for the same price.
  2. Skip the ACE system. A fair price is $7k + tax, including delivery and accessories.
  3. Thanks for the thoughts. What do you think about the pricing and quality of one versus the other. I liked the Jacuzzi well enough assuming the deal was good and quality equal to or better than the Pulse. Thoughts?
  4. Hello everyone, I am a fairly new user who has been reading many articles on here for a few years. I am just about to make a purchase on a hot tub and can use some advice. I have been considering a Limelight Pulse and a Jacuzzi J-365. We wet tested the jacuzzi and liked the feel a lot, and liked the appearance moderately. All dealers in our area are unable to let us wet test a Pulse as they either dont have any, or the ones they have are sold and cant be filled. To get the Pulse we would have to order without a wet test. We like the Pulse looks better, but are not sure about the feel. T
  5. Here is my opinion: Pro's: Excellent cabinet. Far superior to anything I have seen. Good insulation in between the cabinet walls. Quality acrylic liner. Excellent value features/warranty vs. price Cons: Quality of components were not great. - tubes used to transport water to jets were clear plastic, not reinforced white braided plastic - motors were loud, sounded strained on high - jets were cheap and basic. did not offer the high end swirl, pressure massage types in higher end spas Cheesy lighting & wate
  6. They are actually including that in the deal for me.
  7. I live in York PA and drove up to the strong factory today and saw the spas in person and their manufacturing plant. if you have questions, let me know as I saw the spas live.
  8. bump. Need some advice please!
  9. To best honest my budget is under $6k which is why I settled on the Marino. I like it, but its not as powerful as the ideal tub for me and I'm unsure about the quality. The only other tub I have come across in my price range that I also like is the Strong spas Evo 680csxi for $4800. I think the Caldera is probably a better tub which is why I went after it, but if there was a better option, I would like to know about it. Premium delivery is move into place, hook up (gfi box included) and chemicals. Its not a huge value but still better than drop off. The other option the dealer had was a
  10. Anyone out there?? I could really use the help!
  11. I was hoping I could get some advice on a spa I plan to purchase. Its a new Caldera Marino for $6200 + tax, including premium delivery, spa cover lift and stairs. What are everyones thoughts on the spa and the deal?? Are there better options for the money?
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