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  1. I'm about to paint my older pool, now that I've done a complete resurfacing on it, due to some rust spots. I was in this big maintenance cycle in 2010 - and now again in 2013 It really turned out good previously, but I'm trying to do everything I can to minimize the maintenance, and put the best fixes in for Long-Term. I even have pictures of the Before and After, in 2010 - and let me tell you, it started pretty Ugly. Here's my recent pictures/post, from just this year: Pool, bad - Start of 2013 http://imgur.com/dD1tXw8,ZxTWQnA,5VUkyvm,VIRKdtg#2 After grinding any rust out, down to the bare steel, and cleaning, I've used a thick layer of AboWeld to patch the seams and repair any rust spots. ( It's the first time, I've used such a product - allthough I hear WallNew was quite popular too ) **** Now I'm looking for painting tips or techniques, and How to Do It Right. **** I've already gotten the paint, and it's from Kelly Technical Coatings: Olympic Zeron epoxy paint. I might go about it this way: Rough up any AboWeld spots with course sandpaper, to allow the paint to grip better. Clean and brush down, with TSP solution ( 1/2 cup, to 2 gallons ) Clean and brush down, with Muriatic acid solution ( 50/50 muriatic acid/water ) Clean and brush down, with TSP solution Make sure it's dry and I have 5 relatively Dry days ahead. Mix the epoxy paint, and apply. Tips welcome from anyone experienced. This is a Big Big job, especially since it's an IG pool, 35,000 gallons, and it's 17' by 42' I don't want to make a mistake and it's got to be quality work, throughout. ps: It's steel-sided, with a concrete bottom. I'm going to be painting over the last coat of paint - there's only 5% of it (seams & edge) that needed patching. On the bottom, just dirty in spots, stained with dirt, and a few rust spots too, I think from metal shards that got loose and landed on the bottom ( during the grinding/resurfacing process ). Eventually, this whole thing will need a rebuild, and I'm looking forward to Low-Maintenance, compared to all this; I'd be glad to hear suggestions on modern builds, materials and what is used to build new pools too.
  2. 25' x 40' IG pool, 35000 gallons, DE filter (Hayward EC65), and 1.5 HP Pump The main drain was cemented over, years ago - Just have the skimmers for outflow I've had this rust problem before (actually, since I've owned the house) and re-painted 2-3 years ago, Now it's back ! and it's ugly. Do I need to repaint ? Do I need to rebuild ? I don't think I have the kind of sides that works well with a Liner I know the Steel sides are water-tight, and if I repaint (at a cost or Aprx. $2000) I'll have a functioning pool. I'd love to replace the steel or even cover it with something, that would be aesthetic as well and coated in some way. What's behind the Steel sides ? I don't know (probably concrete), but it might not even hold water, or Hold 30000 gallons of pressure I'm looking for a good permanent solution to this problem, and I don't think my pool sides are setup to mount a liner of any kind. You can see photos at this link, and navigate thru (4) photos. I've included the worst 2 examples below http://imgur.com/GcIZeBb,DkMxvxP,V1PsaBq,CdeXjwZ Thanks so much for reading, and any replies, suggestions are welcome. -Hopeful Swimmer
  3. Considering a Debris cover, or possibly another similar solution: Too many Trees closeby Have considered a cover, a Solar cover and reel, then thinking about a debris cover They seem nice, especially with the reel. Question is - Either way, How the heck do you remove the debris, and clean it off- on a regular and systematic basis ? ( leaves, seeds, branches - getting 'em every day ) Granted it's easier to airbrush off, or vacuum a dry surface area - just wondered if there were any tips on this. In my rather creative mind, I had even considered, some kind of a huge lean-to ( in a perfect world made of plastic or poly-carbonate ) that would lay over the braces I could construct, and it would be at an angle for easy rinsing off. I would need to make it hinged, so It can fold, and be disassembled and stored when not needed. This would be a temporary structure, even the braces could be removed. similar to when I googled with keywords: Pool enclosures I got some decent links, but I didn't like the look of anything that was a permanent structure over the pool. Pool specifics: 25' x 40' IG pool, 35000 gallons, DE filter, which I'm sure is over-worked by all this crud, and I don't want to become a vacuuming expert either. Although I'm open to suggestions - on all these topics.
  4. What best procedure to prime & paint ? This is an ancient pool (40yo - so they don't make 'em like this anymore)... steel-siding, with panels welded together. I've got some minor rust in the seams, that I want to repair. I'm familiar with most of the steps ( but may need to make adjustments, if there's suggestion-reccomendation from expert ) sand or grind down to bare steel. treat surface ( with ???) prime ( intending to use the 2 part, Olympic steel primer ) paint ( Olympic epoxy paint ) I seem to remember proper procedure includes some treatment with TSP or Muriatic acid. I'd also consider caulking in the crack of the seams, but not sure what I'd use, or if this is necessary. If anyone (old-timers especially, who've been in the biz for a while) has seen/treated this situation, please advise. Thanks in Advance !
  5. I also notice that the skimmers are quite rusty. They are mounted in the concrete siding and basically are 2 metal boxes, painted and welded together. One box goes horizontally from the main pool to the cavity. And the other goes vertical from deck surface down to the line. Jeez, I got a quote from a pool contractor, and of course the delay, and then the price: $1500/skimmer x 2. I realize these guys have once a year to make their $$$, but With all my issues, did I really need to be gouged ? I note the horizontal metal chamber that comes out to the pool, has a flange that covers over it, and is bolted into the side of the pool. OK? bolted into the steel side, I guess. The other issue, I'm wondering about is, How the bottom of the steel side and the concrete bottom, were attached together to make water tight ? What bond could have been used ? I don't think I'd trust a water-tight seal to a seal of primer and paint. I maybe resurfacing the steel area near the bottom, and it's quite possible I will need to reseal it.
  6. Kinda curious how far I might have to grind and scrape out to fully remove the rust. If it gets really bad, I will - damage the seams, and then I'd have re-weld ? actually that might get expensive, but sounds like a good solution. Also Should I try to remove all the paint ( the walls are only 5' tall ) Or just let the solid surfaces alone, and remove all the paint from only trouble areas ? if you have input, let me know. thanks
  7. I've got rust in the skimmers and quite a bit on the seams and around the top, localized in those areas. I'm wondering if there's a proven fix or procedure, for issues like this. I know it's a big job. see the photos: Pool Pics ~~~~~~~~~ My tentative plan is to strip the paint off the sides, with stripping chemicals and spackle spachula stripper. Then grind and scrape all the rust off possible ( jeez - this could eat thru the seams ) Then treat with naval jelly, even though I hope I won't have or see any more rust. Then prime it, and paint it with marine paint. ( this alone might be $2000+) ~~~~~~~~~ I don't have experience with any of these steps, except for when I tried something like this last year. I think my approach was a little light, and I just had a grinding stone and then used Naval.Jelly, then a Rustoleum paint product. The rust came back and the paint chipped. So I'm looking to do it the 'Right' way this year Anyone have suggestions, references, links, or a procudure/guide I can follow TIA ( Thanks in Advance )
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