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  1. I just replaced the 2-speed pump on my Marquis. The pump is located behind the control unit/heater. So, it was a real pain to get the 4 nuts off the motor mounts. After removing it, I realized I didn't have to remove the back nuts. Marquis uses a metal bracket that angles up 45deg. You mount this bracket to the rubber mounts on the spa and then slide the motor's bracket underneath the angled metal bracket. Then, you merely attach the front nuts to hold everything down. As stated, the plumbing also does a good job of stabilizing the motor. Kudos to Marquis for designing in the eventual replacement of the motor. FWIW, my replacement motor came with new unions. I merely used the O rings that came with those during the replacement along with some lube on the contact surfaces and the threads of the unions. I ordered replacement washers with the molded O ring for a 2" connection, but they didn't quite fit. The regular O rings seem to be leak free and that's what was on there for the past 6 years.
  2. OK. I'll definitely drain the spa (it's probably due anyway) before the pump swap. Should I pre-fill the wet end with water to help prime it and prevent air lock? I think my plumbing has a bleed screw to let air out. I'll look again for the ozonator but I'm pretty sure it's not in there. After 6 years, I probably can't get my dealer to do anything about this. Bad on me for not checking before. But it still kinda ticks me off that I paid for something I didn't receive.
  3. My spa is built into a large gazebo. I finally was able to remove the rear panel of the gazebo to expose the equipment area of the spa and remove the cover. It appears that the seal of the wet end has been leaking. Oddly, I didn't see any water leaking but there are mineral deposits in the area of the seal and the exposed part of the motor shaft is rusted/corroded very badly and can only assume the bearing has been affected as well. I decided to order a new pump online. It was a Flo Master XP2 56F which has been replaced by the XP2e. I should have it in a few days. Is it better to drain the spa for the pump swap as opposed to using the gate valves? I have those kinds of valves on my RV and they don't always close completely. I will look inside my wet end for evidence of bleaching. I have always used a bromine floater. I thought I had an ozonator (I know I paid for one) but after looking around my equipment area, I sure don't see it. Frankly, my understanding is that the Marquis isn't the best candidate for an ozonator because it doesn't have a circulation pump and only circulates the water for a few hours per day while filtering.
  4. Great advice! Exactly what I was looking for. As far as a foreign object in the pump, I have had a series of jets that have popped out needing replacement. When I complained to Marquis, they sent me a bunch of jets. So, I can expect more to follow. I wonder if a broken plastic part from one of the jets might be caught in there somewhere. Certainly worth checking. Again, thanks for the advice and I'll let you know what I find.
  5. I have 2010 Marquis Everyday 660 spa and the pump has gotten so noisy (squealing and grinding sounds) that it's now louder than my pool pump. The spa has 2 pumps (a two-speed and high speed only). Because the noise is present in both high and low speed operation, I have concluded that the noise is coming from the two-speed pump. Also, that's the pump that runs every day (now noisily) on low speed for filtering. I am assuming either a bearing is shot or the impeller has broken. The pump still works and circulates the water but it's very noisy while doing so. Is it worth trying to replace or rebuild just the wet end or should I replace the entire pump assembly including the motor? I haven't removed the pump yet so I don't know the extent of damage or the make/model. I have to do something soon as I fear it will be locking up completely in the not-too-distant future. If I replace the entire pump, are there brands to stay away from or those that are preferred?
  6. It sounds like you haven't established a sufficient bromide bank. I couldn't determine online how much, if any, sodium bromide is in the Frog Jump Start. You can purchase regular sodium bromide packets for spas at any pool store.
  7. FWIW, I have a Marquis Everyday 660 (old name for E series) that just turned 6 yrs old. Never used warranty. So far, I have replaced one jet that popped out (about $20) which the dealer had in stock and I replaced myself in about 1 minute. The spa doesn't get a lot of use which may or may not add to its longevity. I did opt for the full foam and ozonator. I would probably skip the ozonator if I were to do it again. IDK about the new models, but mine doesn't have a 24hr circulation. It only runs about 2-4hrs/day. My understanding is that ozonators are more effective on spas with 24hr circulation pumps. I'm still using the original cover (under a gazebo with partial roof over it).
  8. I will be watching this thread as I am in a similar situation (although my spa is newer). I have a Marquis spa and it also does not have a 24hr circ pump. I have been using the 3 step Bromine method and it's good for keeping the bromine levels up with less frequent monitoring. But, when I remove the cover, even standing near the spa, I start coughing. There is definitely some kind of chemical buildup that occurs under the cover over time as this doesn't happen for a while after a refill. I monitor the chemicals and everything appears in order. I'm interesting in trying the chlorine generator to see if it lessens this effect. With regard to the ozone generator. I have one as well. But, without 24hr circ, it doesn't do much. It only runs when your pump is running and mine only runs about 2-4hrs per day. Personally, I will not replace mine when it dies.
  9. Since it turned summer, no one seems to be interested in climbing into the hot water when the nice, refreshing pool is just steps away ... I decided to save a bit on the power bill and lower the temp on my spa to the minimum. Combined with the Eco setting, I've pretty much eliminated heating my water in the spa. I expected to lower my power bill (which seems to just about offset the extra time the pool pump has to run during the summer). What I didn't expect was the practically zilch usage of chemicals. I test weekly and haven't had to add anything in about a month. I have a bromine floater and ozone generator (which does very little based on the Eco filtration which is 2hrs/day I think). Bromine levels are spot on as is pH. And the water level hasn't moved either. Even with the cover on, when the water is hot (my usual temp is 100), I lose about 1/2 to 3/4 inch per month. I'm sure my factory cover doesn't seal perfectly. Just to be safe, I'll change the water before fall/winter usage starts.
  10. I can't comment on the Sundance Peyton. But, I have owned a Marquis 660 since 2010 when I bought it new. I probably haven't used it as much as I should, but it certainly has performed well with no maintenance issues to speak of short of replacing filters and water changes. That said, I owned a vintage Sundance before that and enjoyed many years of good service. I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  11. The SuperFlo VS is also a variable speed pump (hence the VS in the name). It's just a watered down (pardon the pun) version of the IntelliFlo. It has the built-in control panel like the IntelliFlo. It can be programmed to run from 600-3450 RPM. Again, my pool is really simple. As I see it, I'll be running on a higher speed for a couple of hours for the Barracuda to do its thing and then on low RPM for water circ and hopefully save some $$$. Or, should I just go with the IntelliFlo (about $600 more) due to its known longevity?
  12. I paid about $6K for my Marquis Everyday 660 (now called E-series). I added the insulation package as an option. It has been flawless for about 3 years now. FWIW, I also added the Ozonator and I would skip that if doing it again. The Marquis (at least my model year) only runs the filter cycle a few hours per day so the Ozonator isn't that effective as compared to brands that run 24/7 circulation pumps.
  13. What's the main diff between these pumps? I have a very simple pool (18x35 with avg depth of about 4ft, no heater, no water features). It has two skimmers and a built-in suction for the pool cleaner (Barracuda currently). The pool cleaner suction line is 1.5" and the skimmer line is 2" with a valve to regulate the amount of suction from the two sources. Currently I have a inefficient 2hp pump and I'm in a premium area for electricity (SoCal tier 4 @ $.31/kwh). I'm really looking for cost savings. My pool guy tells me the Intelliflo is overkill for me and that the Superflo VS would suffice. Is he right?
  14. I preface this response by stating that I am not an electrician. So, I would wait for the experts to chime in. BUT .... are you sure that you need to re-wire? It is possible that your electrician ran #6 copper wire which may support 60 amps. Maybe you only need to upgrade the breaker(s)? I would definitely check that out if you haven't already done so.
  15. Can't help on choosing a spa except to say that my Marquis has been flawless. With regard to the stereo, I would advise using a portable Bose system that has bluetooth capability and just bring it with you and set it on a table or chair near the spa. The sound is fantastic, you'll have access to your playlists/Pandora/iTunes radio on your phone or tablet, and you can use it in other places besides the spa.
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