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  1. Hi there Good to get a response. I'm keen to put together a pool manual for our pool for future maintenance.WHY? As I'm finding so much info out there that after a while it starts to go in circles and I've even found advice that contracdicts. With A TA reading of 50 I've been looking online for advice on the methodology of applying the Sodium Bicarb. I've found there is a lot of differing advice out there.For example one place suggests (Quote) "With the pool pump OFF and the water motionless: • Stand in one spot and slowly pour, don’t dump, the Sodium Bicarbonate into the deep-end of
  2. Hi I've read about the methodology to lower TA-using the aeration method (not the slug way) Is there a recommended method of applying Sodium Bicarb to my pool in order to raise the TA level from 50 to 100.My pH is reading ok at 7.2 I have used the pool calculators and worked out the amount of Bicarb for my 80,000 litre pool, NON SWG, Plaster Quartzon finish. Would it be adviseable to: 1) pre-mix the Bicarb in cold water first and then dribble it aound the pool OR pour it in one or 2 spots; 2) Don't pre-mix BUT just add it as a powder around the pool generally or in pockets? 3) Would I k
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