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  1. Thanks for your reply and pointing me to the Pool School---really useful knowledge there! Regarding the water--I don't know as of know how it looks, the cover is still on top. Will be draining the water from top of the cover and removing the cover in a couple of days. However, I am not familiar yet what test kits, chlorine etc. I will be using as a friend will teach me that over the weekend (and I'll buy the supplies from the local pool store). I guess, removing the cover and leaving the water untreated for a couple of days will not be fatal or a problem, right?
  2. Hi everybody, I am a proud owner of a new to me house with a pool. The pool is old though---built about 35 years ago. It is an 18 x 36' pool with vinyl lining.. I will be opening the pool for the first time (we moved in during the winter), and I have a couple of newbie questions: 1) After I remove the cover and fill the pool to the top, would it be OK to leave it like that for 2 days before treating the water with the chemicals? Would that destroy the water even more? The reason for asking this is because a guy who knows these things will help me with the chemicals and train me, but I h
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