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  1. I just paid $4.2x for a 2 1/2 gallon jug at my pool supply store. The catch is it's $7 for a jug deposit, but for me it works out better and is much more convenient since it's right around the corner. Less to pour too.
  2. I've inherited a Pentair Clean and Clear filter with a new house, and it intermittently leaks. There's no rhyme or reason to it. The leaking is happening where the top of the filter housing meets with the bottom, around the band clamp. Since I've fixed the system pressure issue it's correspondingly become worse, which makes sense. What doesnt make sense is why it only happens intermittently. I've replaced the O-ring, tried varying amounts of lube, and varying levels of tightness when tightening the band lock. Can someone help me make sense of this? I left it in a sealed state a couple days ago
  3. Based on my latest tests from the pool store, by Stabilizer is at 100ppm. My understanding is that I should be around 50, maybe a bit higher since the pool receives direct FL sun for most of the afternoon. That said, I'm going for another test tomorrow, to see if we've dropped at all during the week. If not, I plan to drain some of the pool water and refill, to drop my CYA. Growing up with a sand filter, we would just backwash to drain. I have Pentair Cartridge filter on this pool and am not sure the most efficient way to drain the pool. I dont see any plumbed outlet in the established plumbin
  4. Let me preface this with the fact that the pool was inherited while blue, and still is. However, it's always been a bit cloudy. I am preparing the bring in another sample for testing tomorrow, but wanted to see what you all thought of my initial results. I feel like my CYA is quite high. Doesn't this tie up the little amount of chlorine int he pool? Counter-productive? I'm also addressing the CH issue, as suggested by the pool store. If my CC truly is 0, I'd imagine this is good. Because if the cloudiness I had planned a well calculated shock of the pool. I'd want to bring my FC up to about
  5. Since we touched on the low pressure, I thought I'd let you all know that I figured it out. Like Jughead mentioned, my pump basket was cracked. I actually picked up a new one yesterday morning and was able to install it last night. Once I got the old basket out, I stuck my hand into the port that goes to the impeller.(with circuit breaker off) What I pulled out seemed to be a left over prop from Gremlins.(There's a fun pic below, but I wouldnt view it while eating) I put the new basket in and fired her up. The system now runs at about 8-9 PSI. Does this sounds normal for a cartridge filter?(Pe
  6. Looking through the cover on the strainer at the pump(Dura-Glas), the housing is full and clear. There is a bubble or two trapped at the apex of the lid. It's a cartridge and from what I can tell only has an option for on or off. Growing up with sand, I was looking for the lever that allowed me to choose the function, but this seems to be without. I did open the filter and rinsed the cartridge. I dont think they had the filter properly closed and primed previously, but I have addressed it since. All present and accounted for. I did watch the roof with the solar system open and saw n
  7. Another new guy. My girlfriend bought a new(to her) house and I'm the pool boy. Step one, system diagnosis. I used my serch-fu to look for answers to my low pressure issues, and have come up with possible solutions which I am still exercising. Because I'm still going through the paces with my diagnosis, I'll spare you all the longwinded low pressure post, for now. My system is currently running ridiculously low on pressure. It operates at 2PSI, according to the filter gauge. The gauge does seem to be functioning correctly. I'm assuming it's a leak at or before the pump. What I don't understa
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