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  1. Hey all - my old pool heater (which was pretty old) finally had the chlorine eat through the copper. I run pretty high chlorine levels - I have an auto chlorinator. Is there a pool heater that anyone would recommend that can handle higher chlorine levels, or Ph our of balance if I am remiss in my pool duties? If not, I guess I could have a 'bypass loop' put in so that water only goes through the heater when it is needed. Any thoughts on that? Finally, I see new heaters that are called heater/pumps - what is the difference between those and what my old sta-rite heater likely was?
  2. Hello all.. I am a new pool owner, and I am experiencing a pool liner issue.. A pretty serious one I think. The pool liner is starting to tear away from the pool wall on two opposite diagonal corners. The tear is slowly getting bigger, and I assume that this MUST get fixed now before I am totally screwed! I am including pictures of the tear to see if anyone can help... the tears are above the water line. PS - I have a contraption in my garage that was left from the previous home owner. It looks like something to cover the pool? How exactly would I use this, and what would I need to buy?
  3. Excellent suggestion, it worked after the 4th hit! I am a computer tech, so I forget sometimes that if things dont work you just take out your frustrations and smash em! Heh, thanks again!
  4. Just got my pump out for the summer, and when I plugged it in, it just hummed (sounds like its TRYING to do something, just nothing happens) Could it be something is jammed inside? Is there a way for me to look inside, and/or take pliers and get the thing moving? I can always upload photos if that would help! Thanks for any ideas.
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