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  1. Wanted to let everybody know that Arctic Spas and I have parted company, effective today, on what we'll describe as early retirement (polite word for laid off). I've enjoyed my six years with Arctic, and wish the company all the best in the future. James is going to be around and will help with customer concerns. I've also enjoyed my time on this forum. It's been a pleasure to help visitors, join in the debates, and learn from so many of you. All the regulars on the forum have my best wishes as well. Keep soakin' Tom
  2. I am looking into this to see what the holdup is with your spa. Cory, I can't reply to your PMs because you have replies blocked.
  3. Hi, Paul. I've moved your thread into the Water Chemistry section where you can get more help. There are many possible causes of greenish water. Is it clear, or murky? Any odor? Are you using well water with copper in it? Are you using Aquafiness? I'd be willing to help, but my instructions are to refer you to your dealer, who is your first and main resource. Has your dealer offered any solutions? Have you had the water professionally tested? (If there is any issue such that your dealer cannot help, please PM me and we'll see about getting things worked out for you.) You might try a test kit that uses liquid indicators, as many people report that it is more accurate (though admittedly a bit more work) than the test strips. Search the Water Chemistry forum for "green water" to see what comes up.
  4. Our cover division now offers custom covers (or is planning to). I don't have specifics, and I don't know if the CastCore cover that Edweirdo mentions will be available for anything but Arctic models. I'll try to find out, but in the meantime - please contact Arctic Spas at the number or email address given on the Arctic Spas web site.
  5. I'd like to know too, so that I can follow up with the dealer involved and see if any issues can be resolved. But read on... Please PM me with your name and the serial number of your Arctic Spa. We try to follow up on any customer issue and I have to treat any post as legitimate until proven otherwise. However, haven't heard from this poster yet. I begin to suspect a troll or a shill.
  6. Micro-pore filters have some special requirements in chemical care, as certain products may clog or damage the filter. Micropure, one manufacturer of such products, suggests that the following not be used with their products : Stain and Scale removers Clarifiers (flocculants) Defoamers Filter Cleaners Muriatic acid Swirl away (cleansers) Descummers The use of chemicals such as clarifiers, defoamers, and cleansers may reduce the life of a disposable micro-pore filter. Anecdotal evidence from users suggests that some water types (well water, perhaps?) may be better suited to pleated filters.
  7. Please PM me with your name and the serial number of your Arctic Spa.
  8. Please PM me with the name of the dealer so that we can investigate the situation and work to improve dealer performance. You will find that Arctic monitors those reports and works to resolve them.
  9. The Arctic Spas brand is not sold online. http://www.costco.ca/Browse/ProductSet.asp...p=C&topnav= ? Ah, thank you. I see what you mean. Our brands include Arctic, Coyote, and Apollo; it is only the Apollo line (and only selected models) that are sold through Costco. Apollo is manufactured by our US subsidiary but is sold into Canada as well. The Arctic Spas brand itself is not sold online... AFAIK.
  10. There's more to the changes than just the wattage. I'm looking into this and the VP Production promised to get me full details later today.
  11. The Arctic Spas brand is not sold online.
  12. Glid, I did indeed forward that to Marketing, and they listened. The 2009 brochure no longer refers to the wattage of the amp. The website is still "under revision" according to our IT manager.
  13. Is an ABS plastic pan comparable to the pressure-moulded SMC fiberglass Forever Floor? I'd guess that the plastic isn't as strong and is more flexible. Some interesting spas out there with moulded ABS where intrusions serve to support the seats. As long as the grassed area is properly prepared -- level and firmly packed -- it should support an Arctic. I've seen this done at our training facility, where we have sometimes put an extra spa out on the lawn to accommodate a large group. (With mats laid around the perimeter of the spa to try to keep grass from tracking in). But personally, I agree with your advice about gravel, etc. Canucker, the Coyote is a junior Arctic with most of the same features. The Coyote has a unique "unibody" type construction. It has slightly less insulation and IMO is a better comparison to the spas usually sold at Costco than is the Arctic. Whichever way you decide, you'll have a hot tub to enjoy.
  14. Hi, Cory I apologize for the delay in receiving your spa. PM me with your name and S/N and I'll hunt up your spa to see where it is in our system. Best wishes Tom
  15. Coast has been recognized many times as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed companies.
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